You are the director and writer of your mind | accept or not

You are the director and writer of your mind. this image shows how much we are powerful and can do whatever we want.
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You are the director and writer of your mind. it is totally up to you how can you use your skills and perform your character as a director or writer. as your character will be superb, your life movie will be seen as good.

You often listen that mind power is Unimaginable, it’s true. No one could reach the actual capacity of mind until today. Experiments are going on, but there is no actual theory that can show the limits of the mind. It means we cannot imagine and judge the limitation of mind because it is unlimited, but why we are deprived and spends a poor life if we have a mind? I want to clear this concept in this article.


You are the director and writer of your mind, understand this

The mind is our slave, but unfortunately, due to some reasons, we have become slaves of mind. In fact, our mind wants to listen to orders from our side, but we stand here to listen to what mind tells us. The mind gives us every possible thing which exists on this earth, but we are still beggars. Mind believes, we are a king, but we think, our mind cannot do anything. It is a useless item. We fail in any subject, any business or any possible thing, and we think that our mind is responsible for this failure.


Don’t blame your mind, You are the director and writer of your mind

We think if I have a clever and sharper mind then I can achieve this goal. In fact, we feel happy to blame our mind. Guys, our mind feel sad when we continuously blame, it is useless, it has nothing to do, so in the return, our mind behaves like a rebel, because we insult our mind with our negative thoughts, we return back the same behaviour which we deserve. Yes, we deserve.

the mind can give us everything

In fact, the mind can give us everything, but we are ignorant, we did not know how we can use it. This is called a mind game. People, who are able to understand this game, they are achievers, they are toppers, and those who are still blaming himself, on the other words, they are blaming their minds, they are deprived because mind returns back the same report which we asked for.

How we can think in the right way, so the mind will work for us

Keep in mind, as in the upper lines, I described, You are the director and writer of your mind, the mind gives us the same money as I asked for. So stop blaming your capabilities right now, you can do it and you have the ability to do anything. Failures are temporary things. You will recover and get it what you want. Your failure is not a bad thing, it is an experience that will work for you in the future, so this approach gives you courage, not only you but also your mind will get courage and will be ready to do anything for you.

Don’t lose your hope, You are the director and writer of your mind

You often talk hopelessly about some matter, so it’s bad impact shows on your mind, so similar bad experiences occur one by one. We think about what is happening to us. In fact, we are the founder of these bad things. We gave wrong and negative messages to our minds, so as a result, we are receiving the same bad things. So always try to motivate yourself.


It is hard enough sometimes, but one thing you can do always if you are not able to motivate yourself then at least stay away from negative thoughts. If any bad thing happens with you, so I know, you cannot motivate yourself at that time. It is hard, but you can divert your thinking to some other matter. So that technique works like motivation because you did not put the burden of negativity on your mind. That is enough at this situation.

One sentence which we should repeat always and everything will be changed

You often say these sentence, “I cannot do this thing”, “I am not able to do this thing”, don’t say these hopeless sentences, just say that “I will do this thing at any price”, your mind will guide you, and tell you the ways to accomplish this. As in upper lines, I narrated in detail. Your mind is already your slave. If you forcefully say that you will do this work at any price. Give me a solution. Your mind must give you different solutions.

You can do anything, trust yourself

On the contrary, if you say that “I cannot do this thing”, “I am not able to do this thing”, your mind will provide you with the same information as “you are dead now”, “Go and search some high wall to suicide” or “go to any wine shop, or start weeping now”, “you are failed”. Yes, the same kind of thoughts. So put your energy on positive thoughts and rule on your mind. You will decide how to get benefits from your mind.


The world is full of sorrows. There are different kinds of bad things happens every day. war, rape, poverty, accidents, marital collapses, job loss, business failure, these things dejected you, but if you really understand the concept of mind then these bad things cannot stop you. In every difficult situation or environment, you will win after all. Because you know that as you will give orders, the same result will show on your mind screen. That’s all.