Is fear of Covid 19 is ended now in Pakistan

Normal life has been started in Pakistan on 10 august 2020. Almost all kinds of businesses have been opened except educational institutions. Pakistan was under corona from March 2020 and now, in the month of August, every kind of lockdown ended. The question is that is COVID 19 is ended in Pakistan? Is normal life has come back in Pakistan and there is no danger of spreading COVID 19 again in Pakistan? The answer sheet of these questions is empty, but we try to search the answers to these questions.

Is COVID 19 is ended in Pakistan?

The answer is COVID 19 still exists in Pakistan so no need to celebrate. Normal life has been started in Pakistan according to the ruling elite, but not according to COVID 19. Is any government minister can give guarantee about COVID that this virus will not come back in Pakistan or this virus will not catch peak again. There is no guarantee or concrete information about it because, no one is sure. Pakistani prime minister is getting praise from the world of his smart lockdown policy, but the reality is that COVID 19 still existed. So be aware, this celebration may be costly if the virus returned back.

Why educational institutes are closed till September if everything is ok?

The simple answer to this question is because the government of Pakistan knows that everything is not ok in Pakistan so they are not ready to take any kind of risk. Schools, colleges, and universities are places full of boys and girls. They study in a group. Classrooms are full of them and there is not any kind of social distinction that can take place on them. Government officials know that if they opened schools then maybe corona comes back and there is a theory that corona attacks on kids more swiftly so they are fearful. So why they are not opening schools because they don’t want to take risks.

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