sanjay dutt

Cancer is following Bollywood stars: is sanjoo is a next victim?

sanjay dutt
Sanjay Dutt is facing cancer

The latest news about Bollywood is actor Sanjay Dutt is facing lung cancer and now, he has decided to cure his cancer in America. My best wishes are with him.

This is not a new thing if anyone suffers through cancer. Cancer is now known disease and it is spreading widely in the world, but we are talking about Bollywood. If you see a recent history of Bollywood actors then you can assume perfectly Bollywood actors are facing cancer one by one. This is strange, but the reality is there. If we see some months ago stories then 2 prominent actors of Bollywood have died through cancers.

irfan khan

Irfan khan died due to cancer

Irfan khan, a big name of Bollywood, everyone knows him. He faced a neuroendocrine tumor. You can say this is a kind of cancer. Irfan also visited America for the cure and almost a year he spent in hospital and returned back to Bombay. One day, we heard the news of Irfan khan’s death. In fact, his disease did not leave him. Cancer killed a superstar.

rishi kapoor

Rishi Kapoor died due to cancer

Now, we talk about Rishi Kapoor, another top actor of Bollywood, who spent decades in the Bollywood industry, he faced the disease of leukemia. It is also a type of cancer. This type of cancer affects the blood and bone marrow of the patient. Rishi Kapoor spent enough time to cure this disease, but in the end, he died through cancer.

rajesh khana

Rajesh khana died due to cancer

Not any superstar of Bollywood can compete with Rajesh khana. He made a record of super hit films. He was the single man of Bollywood who gave 15 superhit films one by one. This record is still unbroken. Rajesh khana died in 2012 due to cancer. His chemotherapy period was going on for some time, but his family hid this sad reality to his fans. After his death, everything comes through light, and people heard the news of Rajesh babu’s death through cancer disease.

The record of Bollywood actors against cancer is not very promising, but we still hope sanjo will survive and fight bravely against this chronic disease.

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