wasim akram

wasim akram still a superstar of pakistan?


Wasim Akram is the superstar and in this article, you will know that.

The most significant pastime of the people of Karachi is the beach tour. Due to the lack of sanitation facilities on the beach for a long time, the entertainment of the citizens was reduced to cracks.

Garbage piles on the beach had failed to wake up the city administration, but then a video surfaced. Wasim Akram, a former Pakistani cricketer, went to the beach with his wife Shaneer Akram and drew the attention of the administration to the filth and inadequate sanitation arrangements on the beach.

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This video of Wasim Akram went viral on social media. After that, it was like magic. The administration not only woke up suddenly but also started cleaning arrangements on the beach.

Now, volunteers, as well as machinery, are being used to clean Clifton’s beach. Former cricketer Wasim Akram and his wife have expressed happiness over the clean up of the sea.

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Wasim Akram said in his tweet that if we all get together, we can do everything. We hope that the beach will remain clean like this. There is no problem in saying that a video of Wasim Akram has changed the shore of Karachi after this revolutionary change took place on the beach of Karachi.


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