How to eat Moringa seeds: 15 stunning ways to eat


how to eat moringa seeds

moringa tree

many people think about how to eat moringa seeds. I will tell you everything in detail.

There is such a plant that has an advantage in everything. Whether its leaves or its seeds, it will benefit from eating them.

If sitting to count the benefits of Moringa, it is impossible to rely on these benefits because this single plant has enormous benefits, and it is too much for human health.

there are uncountable benefits of Moringa.

Be it the root of Moringa, be in the leaves of Moringa or beans of Moringa, or seed of Moringa, there are many unique benefits hidden in everything of this plant.

There is no such order in the world on the lines of Moringa, which has so many benefits inside.


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In this essay, we will talk about the benefits of eating Moringa seeds and how to eat them.

The question is how to eat Moringa seeds is the same as eating something familiar because there are no side effects of it.

It is the most prominent feature of Moringa, who has not yet seen any such side effects that pose a threat to human health.

If too much consumed, then it can be a lousy health sign. Some human problem creates, but this is not so dangerous.

It is not a matter of Moringa seeds that anything will eat more than the soul; then it must be changed something inside because it is not a matter of Moringa, it is a matter of overeating.

How to eat Moringa seeds: 1st Method

Moringa seeds can use by frying them inside olive oil. The same kind of benevolence can eat in the same way; it also improves its licorice.

Always Take care of the quantity of Moringa seeds

If you are a new user of Moringa seeds, then you should be taken care of that it should not be more than 4 ounces because, in more cases, if the Moringa is eating in a massive ballot, it can cause heaviness in Health.

Moringa Purify Water

One of the most prominent features of Moringa is that it can play a role in making anything purify like water.

Inside Africa, an attempt made to clean the water by pouring Moringa leaves inside the water, which removes the brocade of Moringa and makes the pool completely clear.

From this example, you can guess that which Moringa can make water so clean, and if you drink this water, then how much benefit will you get on your Health.

Be Sensible When you eat Moringa

As we said in the beginning that if something is very beneficial, but if that thing is eating in a big case, then it will show its side effects, so Moringa should always be used in less quantity in starting, and forbidden should be used more than sensible.

You can eat Moringa seeds in any way; if you want to eat it in an empty stomach, you can eat it by mixing it inside something. You can eat it by stirring it in water.

Is Moringa taste not good? Here is the solution

Most people combine Moringa seeds in something while eating. You do not feel such happy to eat raw seeds of Moringa often. Their taste may be a bit strange. The solution to this problem is, mix them in something and then take it happily.

How to eat Moringa seeds: 2nd Method

You can mix Moringa seed in your butter. The method is you need to fry your butter and then add some seeds of Moringa so the taste of butter and Moringa seeds will mix, and you can enjoy it.

How to eat Moringa seeds: 3rd  Method

You can eat Moringa seeds in pure oil like olive oil as well. You can add a little salt inside the olive oil. In this way, the taste of Moringa seeds will also be better.

How to eat Moringa seeds: 4th   Method

You can eat Moringa seeds through vegetables. We eat vegetables, so during the cooking process, you can add Moringa seeds in greens, and then you can eat them with vegetable taste.

 So in this way, the benefits of vegetables will also be increased. As we all know that we all use herbs every day in our homes, so this process will be easy for you.


How to eat Moringa seeds: 5th   Method

If you eat sauce happily, then you can add Moringa seeds by adding them in the sauce, so in this way, you can make moringa part of your daily life. Many people eat sauce every day with their launch meal.

Moringa can control sugar levels

Many people who were patients of sugar, they also said that it gives comforts during their disease. Moringa can control sugar levels.

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Note: Here, we consider it essential to say that I am not a doctor or expert, what I am talking about are the opinions of the experts, so you should not consider it as a doctor’s opinion if you are a sugar patient.

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Say Good-Bye to  Multivatims/Minerals

Moringa has a lot of minerals inside, which our body needs a lot.

If you eat Moringa seeds, then you do not need to eat multivitamins or minerals because Moringa seeds are enough to fulfill the needs of your body.

How to eat Moringa seeds: 6th  Method

You can eat Moringa seeds through boiling them. It is not necessary to cook them. It depends on person to person.

 Some people are ready to eat Moringa seeds after boiling them with a mix of salt. Some people cannot like it in this way.  So, they can cook or fry these seeds. It depends on their taste of eating Moringa.

One thing is significant. If possible for you, then you should eat Moringa food when Moringa is in the primary stage. It depends on your availability. Otherwise, there is no difference in benefits. Its benefits are always and in any form of using them.


[su_heading size=”17″ margin=”90″]Tip: You need to cook Moringa seeds in an earthen pot. It will also increase its benefits.[/su_heading]

Particular Advice for Moringa lovers

Cooking with earthen pot is another benefit story. It has numerous benefits. If you drink water in an earthen pot, the benefits of Moringa increases. It is a separate chapter which I will talk about in another article.


moringa tree
how to eat Moringa seeds

How to eat Moringa seeds: 7th  Method

There are many ways to eating Moringa seeds. Its use with salads, powdered seeds use in the milkshake-like banana shake, mango shake, or whatever you like to drink, you can add them.

 How to eat Moringa seeds:  8th  Method

 The capsules of Moringa leave powder also use as a supplement. It is available everywhere through online stores.

[su_heading size=”18″ margin=”100″]Tip: I can say that powder of Moringa seeds, which mix with any dose or anything, can be socialized.[/su_heading]

Keep in mind that the taste of Moringa seeds is not so good, like other seeds or nuts. If you like tasty things, then this is not as tastier as you are thinking, so mix them with other elements before use.

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There is no doubt that when you come to know its benefits, then you will want to eat them and they can eat in every way.

Can we eat Moringa without mixing anything? Is it cool or not?

Many people are kept Moringa seeds in their mouths that do not seem so strange, but after a few moments, it is not going to be any tasty. We should keep it in our time, but our motive is to see its benefits, not its taste.

 Why many people did not know about Moringa yet?

Even today, many people in the world do not know the benefits of Moringa seeds; even today, Moringa is a night for them.

People have also come to know the benefits of Moringa seeds, they go to Moringa court to use on disputes and are taking full advantage of it.

If you consider Moringa seeds like other seeds too, which grow on the trees, and then I assure you that you are wrong in saying that among Moringa, you are better than others in every respect.

What is the Drumstick tree?

Moringa is also called the drumstick tree in India. Apart from this, it is also known as “Suhanjana” in India and Pakistan. But, the name which is famous in English is Moringa.

There are different names in different countries of this magical plant.

The great feature of Moringa is that it has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties inside.

Moringa also keeps the blood pressure at a reasonable level.

How to eat Moringa seeds:  9th  Method

Among the Moringa, it is not only used for food but also its oil used. Moringa is extracted from the oil and applied on the face, which always gives bright and shiny skin.

Moringa can cure wounds

Due to the quality of Moringa seed oil, it can fight all kinds of bacteria and effects; it can heal wounds.

Brain Health improve through Moringa

If we use Moringa seeds in that way, then the Health of the user is also excellent. We all know how vital amino acids are for brain health. In addition to how much omega-3 is good for our brain health.

Everything inside the Moringa seeds is present, which is good for human beings.

How far the Moringa should eat is not an accurate way, but every person knows that if anything has eaten in a high turnout, it is a loss rather than a profit, so it should use in a luminous way.

Every part of Moringa is beneficial

Moringa called a magical plant; the reason is that in such a plant, there are many hidden advantages in its leaves, in its fruits, in its flowers, in its seeds, whose everything is beneficial for human health.

How to eat Moringa seeds:  10th  Method

You can handle Moringa seeds how you manage your favorite snacks. It is a hundred times more beneficial than your favorite meals.

[su_highlight background=”#e2eccd” color=”#ef5555″]Precaution: One thing you will always have to keep in mind, so never eat Moringa seeds with an empty stomach.  Although there is no great harm, it can make you heavier either do this item with food or use it for any other time of the day when you have not an empty stomach.[/su_highlight]

It is also called a superfood. There are significant discussions of Moringa in Europe and America.

 Excessive articles have written about the benefits of Moringa. The inside of Moringa has a hidden treasure of minerals.

My personal experience about Moringa

Moringa tree is found common in Pakistan. Most Pakistanis do not know yet have the advantages of Moringa, but in Pakistan, there is no appreciation for this plant.

moringa leaf powder
how to eat moringa seeds and moringa benefits

I ate the pickle of Moringa in my childhood, but I am sure that my family members will not even know how much the benefits of Moringa are? They treated Moringa as a routine eating item.

The shocking thing about Moringa

 In many areas of Pakistan, fireworks are made by burning Moringa leaves and its beans. The base price treasure like Moringa burned in the stove. The biggest reason for this is the absence of information in many areas of Pakistan, especially in villages. Those who know about the benefits of Moringa say that there is no sick person in the house where there is a Moringa plant. Moringa leaves have its advantages and benefits in its roots.


Moringa can change the destiny of Pakistani people, but alas!

We can only say that today’s fate is more than five percent higher than in the past.

If a Pakistani plant which becomes capable in two years? Whose beans and leaves used? Then on one side, the diseases can be controlled and other health benefits, etc.

Moringa can help to reduce health budget

The government will also benefit a lot. If people are not sick, then the cost of illness will be cut in hospitals.

The ordinary Pakistani who questioned the internet also knows that Moringa has numerous advantages.

 If you do not see how much profit you can get from Moringa by understanding this, then it can cultivate the plant in more and more numbers.

 It will not only reduce the diseases in Pakistan but also make a lot of money for the country.

Moringa is edible in any form. Its mostly likely parts are its leaves. Moringa leaves powder is also very famous among moringa users.

Moringa pods are also edible as a dish, but many people prefer to eat if they grow Moringa in their homes. They did not trust on market’s product.

One thing is rememberable; those products made with moringa oil, they are costly enough rather than you separately purchase Moringa.

moringa capsules,drumstick tree,moringa benefits
how to eat moringa seeds,moringa capsules,moringa leaf powder

How to eat Moringa seeds:  11th  Method

Moringa capsules are also available in the market. People who did not like Moringa taste in any form; they prefer Moringa capsules, which are easily accessible in online stores or any famous general store.

How to eat Moringa seeds:  12th  Method

Several peoples are also there who like to eat raw leaves of Moringa. These peoples have access to moringa trees quickly either they have their moringa trees, or they can get easily near about their living place.

  How to eat Moringa seeds:  13th  Method

In the winter season, people like to eat nuts. You can use raw Moringa seeds as nuts. They will beat any other nuts. They are not costly than other nuts, but their mineral qualities will give you full energy and maximum health benefits.

 You can eat raw Moringa seeds separately, or with other nuts. It’s up to you how you can want to get benefits from this magical food.

 How to eat Moringa seeds:  14th  Method

You can add Moringa seeds in your launch as well. You can make part of your daily diet.

 One thing may be many people did not know. Moringa leaves have more minerals and vitamins than moringa seeds, but it does not mean that their importance is less.

Of course, there is a difference, but the benefits are always there. Rather you like to eat seeds or leaves.

[su_heading size=”18″ margin=”100″]Tip:  Moringa leaves are higher in vitamin C than Moringa seeds, so why most users of Moringa prefer Moringa leaves powder.[/su_heading]

My Suggestion about Moringa

If you still not decide how to eat Moringa seeds, then I can give you options.

Moringa leaf powder may be the best choice for you because powder can mix with yogurt. You can use this powder in soup and make it more tasty and beneficial.

 How to eat Moringa seeds:  15th  Method

If you are frequently drinking juice in your breakfast, then you can add Moringa leaf powder or Moringa seeds in your favorite sauce.

The benefit of this process is you would not go through of real taste of Moringa, but profits will be 100 percent.

Moringa is not a supplement. So its real consumption amount did not decide yet.

[su_heading size=”19″ margin=”100″]How much Moringa powder you can eat daily:

3 suggestions Some experts say 150 to 200 mg is suitable if your weight is almost 150 pounds.  If your load is above 150 pounds or near 200 pounds, then 2100 to 2900 mg is an appropriate dose for you.  If you are a person of above 200 pounds, then you can consume 2700 to 3600 grams of Moringa powder.[/su_heading]

This consumption amount is about moringa powder. It is equally suitable for both genders.

[su_heading size=”24″ margin=”100″]Tip: Always keep in mind, this is not necessary to eat the same amount every day. It is up to you.[/su_heading]

 If you use less than the amount of Moringa as suggested in upper lines, then there is no loss for you. Moringa will work in any condition.

 If you use the minimum amount regularly for 28 days, then you must be benefitted. You do not need to worry about it.

I suggest you need to start with the minimum amount of moringa powder, and during time passing, you can increase.

 Through this time, your body will be accustomed to Moringa powder. Every person has different body conditions and requirements.

 According to this scenario, start minor and increase later. If you feel the extra amount of Moringa powder is not beneficial, then you turn back and use the same amount, which is suitable for you.

Don’t worry about the side effects of Moringa

You do not need to fear about side effects of Moringa. There are no harmful side effects.

 Listen, if you eat more than your capacity, then your stomach will be disturbed. The same formula works for Moringa powder.

 It is not harmful but no need to put a burden on yourself, which is not suitable. I hope you will understand you act like a wise man.

Brief History of Moringa

[su_column]Moringa has a long history behind, but the world knew its magical effects some years ago.  Moringa is an Asian plant, and not all Asian people were aware of Moringa, but now, Moringa is called a superfood. Moringa benefits are not ending. Research on its benefits is still going on.[/su_column] If Use of Moringa creates a problem, then what should you do?

If due for any reason, you feel Moringa’s uses can create a problem for your body, then stop it and contact your doctor.

 Although there are minor changes, Moringa will harm you in any way. Precautions are always better than a cure.

If your heart palpitation is fast after using Moringa powder, dizziness conditions, severe rash, or sign of anaphylaxis, then contact your doctor.

So why we suggest start less amount and increase the amount slowly so you can judge your body after eating Moringa.


I can narrate each and everything about how to eat Moringa seeds that are possible for me. I gathered research in different sources and wrote on it. I need your comments if you like my effort. Thanks