burning desire is not in life | life is unsuccessful forever

desire 1

if u want to eat, so you eat. you want to go outside home, you go. you want to sleep, so you sleep. you want to work, so you work. you don’t want to do anything, so you don’t do anything. These are minor kinds of desires which we use automatically for the whole day. … Read more

Tomorrow is a big lie | Live Your Present | Motivation

People see dreams about the future. It’s good, no one here who can stop you, but there is a minor difference between dream and reality, you can personally experience that, during your dream journey, everything is in your favour, either you are seeing a beautiful lady in your dream, you are wondering most beautiful places … Read more

You are the director and writer of your mind | accept or not

  You are the director and writer of your mind. it is totally up to you how can you use your skills and perform your character as a director or writer. as your character will be superb, your life movie will be seen as good. You often listen that mind power is Unimaginable, it’s true. … Read more

The biggest lesson of life, we know, but forget it.

  The biggest lesson of life is you are not here for just enjoying. you are here for the fight for your right. how you ca[/su_heading]n get your right. read this article. You, often, went to the hospital. You saw there, a man or woman lied on the bed, and his /her condition was serious. … Read more