6 tremendous benefits of journal writing

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You often listen to writing a journal writing by people. Maybe you think that is an old habit and now the time has been changed. This is a technology-based era, mobile technology is available, so if you want to write some important things then, you can write on a “note pad” that is available on … Read more

Motivation | Why 99 Percent of people fail in life | and 1 per cent successful forever

motivation is to look like the soul of our success. without it, we have nothing in life. The biggest sorrow of life is we did not want to learn those things which are being tried to teach us and these things are necessary for motivation. We are not getting ready to understand and learn, but … Read more

Think big concept | how to think big and positive

what is a think big concept? Every human being has an ability of thinking, but few of them ready to think big. The problem is a number of people are not aware of the benefits of thinking big so they always spend a miserly life. Depression and hopelessness is part of those people’s life. We … Read more

Big dreams comes with big fears | you are not special one

The population of the world is more than 6 billion and among all these peoples, the majority consists of deprived and depressed peoples. There are only a few thousand peoples who have big dreams and they enjoy luxuries of life and of course, huge money, as well. The question is, if every human being is … Read more

imagination powerful than knowledge

imagination powerful than knowledge. As you read the title, your imagination is your enemy. Yes, you are right because as you know imagination is a basic of any human action so if you are not using your imagination in the right way, then you should be ready for the consequences. What is the right use … Read more