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My name is Shakeel malik. I am a freelancer but not from starting. I started my professional career in 2002, during my 19 year’s long career, I have done different things, I did different jobs, but the main thing which I can say about myself, I am a self-born writer, I did not learn writing skills from any mentor. In my inner self, I knew, that is the thing which I can do well. So that is the short story of me. But, my story not ended here, some years ago, I discovered myself I am fond of self-development or self-improvement subjects. I was surprised these things did not teach in schools, colleges, and universities, not only in our professional life, we know about. If I tell the truth, then I can say that people, in my country, have very little knowledge about self-development. This is a sad thing. I hope things will improve in the future. I want improvement in human life. I want to see happy everyone so that I will be happy too. I write on every subject that relates to human improvement either it is health-related, motivational things, career opportunities, product reviews whatever can change human life positively, it is my subject.

You freely contact me through my email. My email is 

      [email protected]

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