Pakistan’s most celebrated comedian, Umer Sharif, died slowly. Over the past few weeks, his condition deteriorated. A video of him was recently posted online. Umer Sharif, Pakistan’s famous comedian, asks the Prime Minister for help in the video. He wanted to be treated in the United States, but he wasn’t destined to receive treatment there.

Umer Sharif’s fans all over the world are mourning his passing. Social media platforms are flooded with tributes to his memory. We all mourn the loss of him. I will share my thoughts about him here. That nobody will talk about.


At the age of 14, He began working on stage and making money. He earned money until his death. He died at the age of 66. He is believed to have earned money until he was sixty years old, so in that sense, he earned money for 46 years. 

For 46 years, He earned money from the age of fourteen to the age of sixty. Since his reputation was on the rise, he must have made a lot of money in the last twenty years. We find out now what happens to an artist who earns money from his work for 46 years while he is famous everywhere. Yet when he suffers from heart disease and kidney disease, he is forced to seek help from the Prime Minister. Therefore, he was unable to raise enough funds for his treatment during those forty-six years.

So far, the news has come out in the media. There is a reference to Umer Sharif’s heart surgery and kidney dialysis. Didn’t He have even 15.2 million to get treatment in the last days of his life? Every sensible person must ask themselves this question.

I work in the news media of Pakistan. My media experience dates back to 2003. In that sense, it has been 18 years. A number of stories have come and gone since then. I have written dozens of articles for various outlets. My experience as a scriptwriter in the media has given me great insight into how news can have a background. It is unfortunately impossible for me to take any news lightly as a normal person would. When He had to appeal for help for his treatment, I wondered if he really was in financial trouble?

Pakistani legend actor Umer Sharif left the world

According to media sources, He had a lot of property. At least he had the means to pay for the best treatment. However, He was married twice. Due to this, their families are at odds over the property. On social media, there have been scattered reports about this issue. Soon, more information will become available. It means he must have had the money for treatment, but for some reason, he was not able to spend it during his last few days.

 This is the most unfortunate aspect of our society. It is surprising that no one on social media, other than mainstream media, questioned whether He was so financially helpless that he needed help for treatment. This was the most important question.

Innumerable stage plays have been performed by Umer Sharif. He has also shown his skills as a host. Among the Pakistani artists today, a figure of stature is hard to find. Umer Sharif was the inspiration for many Indian comedians. One of them is Kapil Sharma, India’s most famous show. He was regarded by India’s top comedians as their guru and was very impactful on them. According to the circumstances, almost all Pakistani politicians also expressed their sorrow over the passing of Umer Sharif through tweets. Pakistani artists died despite appeals for help from the Pakistani government, but no one stepped up. The moment someone dies, everyone gathers around to blacken their faces.