5 surprising facts : Crime story or success story

Crime exists in every society in the world. It is not a strange thing because from day one when the first human being landed on earth, crime had started and the consistency of this harsh reality is going on and always be.

This is a reality and realities did not surprise us, but if a sophisticated and merciful people also show interest in reading crime stories, scandals, viral videos of celebrities, then it should be surprising.


It should be a questionable thing. In this article, I try to narrate the reasons for this mentality and will try to tell you why people attract crime story rather than success stories.              

Crime story or success story: Natural attraction force to the negativity

Everyone wants to make successful, but sad to write this not everyone wants to read success stories with the same intention as he/she reads crime stories.

Ask yourself, a single question; if you have two choices, for one, you have an option to watch a viral video of your favorite celebrity and in this video, she indulged to her boyfriend and the second option,

 You have a success story of Stephen Hawking, Newton, Bernard Shaw, etc., then what will you do, you will watch the viral video or read the story?

 Of course, you will watch the video and ignore the success story of whatever the person is. That is sad but by nature, a person attracts crime story rather than positive things.

Although the same person wants to get success like Newton, he is not ready to give preference on viral intimate video on his favorite female celebrity because nature prevails, so don’t worry about it.

crime story or success story: check the attitude

Crime story or success story: how can a noble person think about rape?

Love with a crime is a natural thing even a timid person can think about the rape of his favorite women or girl in his imagination. It is true he will not do in real but in his imagination, he has a wish to do.

The success story has a different scenario. Everyone is interested to make successful, but not ready to change his habits or priorities to fulfill his success desire.

 It is irony of fate people cannot set their priorities but want to live a life like a king. They are always an example of failures, hopelessness.

Crime story or success story: Set your priorities first

You need to set priorities first if you want to do bigger things in life.

I am not asking you that don’t watch a viral video of your favorite actress, I am just trying to explain to you about your priorities.

This is not a matter of crime story and success story it is a matter of priorities.

It is a matter of your aptitude and your aptitude will lead you to your success road.

 It is a matter of selection of you. It is a matter of your habits and your habits make you a successful man.

crime story or success story: guy is thinking what

Crime story or success story: scandals stories habit is good or not?

If you spend your day time reading about crime story or watching viral videos then you should believe in this you cannot succeed in life for any reason.

 You are violating the basic rule of success and it is about your priorities. Watch your favorite videos and but don’t make them your priorities.

 Don’t spoil your mind with vulgar things that cannot give you a single positive thing.

Crime story’s love cannot improve your character, cannot make you wiser, but success story’s love can change your destiny, it can full your life with hopes, it can help to set your goals of life, it can give motivation.

Crime story or success story: you read a newspaper for what?

Many people start their day after reading the newspaper. During the reading, they search rape news, sensational news, or intimating stories because they want to entertain their selves.

Every newspaper has different stories and news which can enhance your knowledge, can give you the opportunity to learn, but the majority of people read newspapers for entertainment rather than gaining knowledge or learning.

Crime story or success story: Conclusion

Entertainment is necessary. Enjoy your life as you want but set your priorities.

 If it is a time to learn then don’t spend time watching viral videos.

If it is time to gain knowledge then don’t spend time reading crime stories.

 Do whatever but with your priorities. Make a schedule of your life.

 In a day, you can spend 2 hours for entertainment, during this time, you can watch or read whatever you want, but the other 22 hours should be for your improvement, gaining knowledge and for character building. That is the lesson