6 tremendous benefits of journal writing

You often listen to writing a journal writing by people. Maybe you think that is an old habit and now the time has been changed. This is a technology-based era, mobile technology is available, so if you want to write some important things then, you can write on a “note pad” that is available on every android phone, but you are totally wrong in your thinking.


Great people had written a diary on a daily basis

If you read biographies of any great person in any field then you must read of diary writing habit of them. There is a great secret behind this habit. They kept updating their selves by writing important things on a daily basis. So, if they did why you feel shame to write a diary or journal on a daily basis.

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The secret behind journal writing

Great people had written important things of the day in their diaries. They mentioned their goods and bad. In this way, they improve their appearance, stay focused, and get ready to accomplish their goals. Journal writing keeps your focus on your main goal of life. It keeps you away from repeating your mistakes. It gives you confidence. Journal writing takes you away from stress.

How Journal writing increase your self-confidence?

Writing a journal or diary keeps magical effects in it. When you write honestly then you write about your mistakes or good things so your confidence progresses in both ways.

For example, if you write about your mistakes in your journal, enough chances are there you will not repeat your mistake again because you have fully aware of your mistake. As a result, you are mistake-free now and will do the right thing either do the mistake, confidence will boost automatically.

If you write down your good things or daily achievements in your journal, as a result, your confidence boosts. You feel pride in yourself. You are now eager to do more than previously. Small achievements lead you to do bigger achievements. This is a simple formula.

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Journal writing can help you to sustain your health

This is a little strange to read for those who did not know about journal writing’s benefits. Yes, it can improve your health. For example, if you are a journal writer, you must write about your diet in your journal. If you eat unhealthy food, then you will mention it. After some days, when you review your journal, then you can understand your consuming material is not healthy. You are eating trash and you need to add some healthy food in your diet. So you will add. As a result, your health improves and everything will be good.

Control your masturbation through journal writing

Every normal man does masturbation. If this habit exceeds then it put a bad impact on your health. A number of men are worried about controlling this habit because it put a negative impact on their sexual health. If you write a journal then you must write down about your masturbation’s numbers on a daily basis.

When you read or analyze after some weeks or day then you must feel that you should control because you did not feel good to write daily about your 3-time masturbation habit. You want to improve yourself so automatically; your subconscious mind urges you to do some improvement.

In this way, you can check on your bad habits and keep your masturbation in a limit.

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Your mental health will always super with journal writing

if you write journal writing on a daily basis then you must write about your problems or all those things that are making the reason for stress. You will write down daily so the improvement processes in your subconscious mind will automatically play, and you feel that you are worried about non-issues. Many things you can avoid so in this way, you can understand your depression behavior better than any specialist. As a result, many depressive things will get vanished.


Journal writing increases your knowledge, helps to control your mistakes, depreciate your stress, and make you clear on your goals. So start from today and experience it.