imagination powerful than knowledge

imagination is always powerful than knowledge. knowledge has minimum level in where it ends, but imagination has no limitations. it is limitless
imagination is always super than your knowledge

imagination powerful than knowledge. As you read the title, your imagination is your enemy. Yes, you are right because as you know imagination is a basic of any human action so if you are not using your imagination in the right way, then you should be ready for the consequences. What is the right use of imagination? We discuss first.

imagination powerful than knowledge: Use of imagination

Every human being is habitual of imagination on the whole day, even during sleep. If you make a plan of doing something then it’s OK. You must try to imagine the execution of your plan and then take it. It’s a normal imagination. It is not harmful to you, but if you are doing over imagination then it must be created hurdles of your life. Because over imagination will make confuse to you. So many confusing options with negative vibes will surround you. In the result, your action will be disturbed.


How much imagination is enough for you?

There is no limit of the imagination but keep in mind, if you are working on some kind of task then imagine it and do it. You personally can decide what should be the limit of imagination. Always keep in mind; the time of imagination is before action, not during action. When you are busy in any kind of a task, and then shut off the doors of your imagination, because the picture is very clear what you are doing, you already know, so now just take on your job.


Losses of over imagination

If you are habitual of over imagination then you must be looser because it’s clear that you mostly spend your time in imagination, so you have no time for action.
I am giving you a simple example, guys, who think a lot about girls, they are always lonely, most of them frustrated, because they forget the basic role of imagination, if they see the dreams of any girl, then after the imagination of such girl, they need to approach such girl, but they are still living in the world of imagination. So the result is just frustration. That’s all.


Imagination is the root of knowledge. If you have enough knowledge but your vision is limited then your knowledge cannot give you maximum result. If you have less knowledge but your vision is great then you will achieve higher results. In fact, your imagination can give you a different option to achieve certain things. Imagination gives you different ways.

Try to understand this example in this way. Bill gates had not achieved a university-level degree, but he made the richest person in the world. Give me a single example of a person who got top degrees and achieve bigger goals. I am not against education. My purpose is very clear. I want to narrate the importance of imagination.

imagination powerful than knowledge | Malik Riaz in Pakistan

If we talk about vision or imagination then in Pakistan, Malik Riaz is a big example. He did not pass the basic education. He cannot write a single sentence of English, but he is the undeclared richest person of Pakistan. Pakistani politicians, establishment, courts cannot harm because he controls everything. He had less knowledge, not had a quality education, but he had one thing. His imagination made him capable to do bigger achievements in the Real Estate industry. His vision was greater. So, he achieved what he wanted.

imagination powerful than knowledge | Conclusion

Always, keep in mind, imagination without action is useless. People forget this basic principle, so they always face dejection. Think once, if right brothers just imagined about the flying machine, and not took experiments, then it was not possible for them to invent flying the machine, which converted to the aeroplane, later. They imagined first, and then made it in real with their continuously actions and experiments. So, no need to hate imagination. Though, use it in your favour with your action. That is the point.