PM Imran khan done another big mistake

Prime minister Imran khan is in trouble these days. we can say Imran khan in the night all over the body is in trouble. Aunt is growing up. before the moon, Imran khan had given a good news to the Pakistani’s peoples. The good news was that oil is going to be discovered from Karachi and all the Pakistanis are going to be for better life. Imran khan has told this thing several times in his interviews. but now situation is changed . social media of Pakistan has created another controversy. Everybody is specializing in grapes of oil, some 20 lakhs and some 30 lakhs barrels are listening to that bulk of oil. but you have got a new exchange from a weak. it is a news through social media that there is no hope in extracting oil from Karachi sea. in front of the media channels and social media, there are number of reports are there who talk about. such people have landed in the grounds, they are trying to convincing Pakistani peoples that oil will not come out here. These thing are the only purpose of their agendas that Imran khan is lying.

Imran khan is showing his hand to avoid an appeal against the inflation of Pakistanis population.. it is still not clear that the news of seeing the oil is correct, do not remember. it you hear the voice of a some people, the after the oil has gone, there is no sign of it. many TV channels in Pakistan have also raised many reports that the oil will definitely come out. but now news has started coming in through the oil. it is clear that Imran khan made a mistake somewhere from here. if the news of the out flow is true, then the news should not have been bought on the market so fast. just think you did not recover oil then Imran khan and his government will be so bad in this situation. better it would have been that when oil started arriving in an arbitrary manner, then Imran khan told the nation about. at that time opposition and Anti Imran elements did not get much chance of threat. but Imran has not given us an opportunity to haten his goods pin code.