The biggest lesson of life, we know, but forget it.

The biggest lesson of life. you can see life biggest lesson in this pictures. every line is curvy, not smooth. so life is also curvy, not smooth.
The biggest lesson of life. you can see life biggest lesson in these pictures. every line is curvy, not smooth. so life is also curvy, not smooth.


The biggest lesson of life is you are not here for just enjoying. you are here for the fight for your right. how you ca[/su_heading]n get your right. read this article.

You, often, went to the hospital. You saw there, a man or woman lied on the bed, and his /her condition was serious. Whenever he/she will be alive, the Electrocardiogram (ECG) has been shown the curvy lines. What are these curves on electrocardiograms? This is a proof of this reality the person which is laid on the bed, is alive. And we all know when these curves will be ended, and the lines of Electrocardiogram (ECG) will be made straight. The person on the bed will be no more. These lifelines give us the biggest lesson of life that you cannot learn in any other place.


If you are able to understand this lifeline reality then, believe me, your worries of life will be disappeared. Not all of them, but many of them because these are self-created worries by yourself.

The biggest lesson of life, life is not smooth

Whenever you will be alive and keep breathing, your life never is smoothed. Believe me, it is not a bad sign. It is a sign you are alive and here, to fight with life’s obstacles. You are survivor either you accept or not, so your life cannot be smooth. I know you are thinking like this. I am not a fighter. You never ever go to the battleground, what kind of survivor I am, believe me, you are. And if you asking about proof so my dear, you are the biggest proof himself.


You are alive so you are a warrior. You are facing life so why you are expecting, everything should be smooth. Why you are worrying about life challenges? why you are thinking about obstacles? You are thinking your life is not so impressive, leave it, man, this is life.

Go to the hospital and watch what is life exactly

If you do not believe then visit the hospital and watch carefully such lines of Electrocardiogram (ECG). Which is portrayed on the head of the patient and the lines of the ECG are not straight. I hope you pray for that patient. It’s mean you want these lines should be curvy.always. Because these lines will make straight then the patient will be no more. I hope you understand now.

The biggest lesson of life | live in the present

Most of the people think a lot about the future’s obstacles. In fact, they are thinking about these things which do not happen yet. But they are doing a negative image of them. They are not only wasting their time but making themselves like a worried man as well. I again repeated, life is curvy, always, so you must be ready for facing challenges. Rather it’s related to your future or your present life. Life is not dependent on our self-making plans. We can plan our road which we want to go to. But we cannot remove the difficulties which will be waiting for us during our journey. But it does not mean, we should postpone our journey.

just plan your journey | nothing care about obstacles

We should stop our feet because our road is full of fears. Definitely, people who want to achieve big goals in life, they never ever get this place easily or smoothly. They faced these obstacles. So why you are separate from them? You are also a person. You are alive, doing a job, business, or want to do big, so life cannot treat you separately. We just plan our road, not remove hurdles on our road and should not be worried about them.


The biggest lesson of life | live your life

The lesson is that you should live your life. Plan your life and should ready to resolve any obstacles which you confront during your journey. Believe me, every person does this, even you also did this, but you forget. If you did not face hurdles in life then how you are alive till. You should be ended your life, but you are still alive. So, it means you are unconsciously facing life hurdles with your strength, so why you are there now.

don’t overthink about future

Don’t overthink about future obstacles or life obstacles. Our journey is different from one another. We have a different destiny than others. Our problems are ours, our difficulties are ours and our happiness must be ours, so every one is unique. Don’t separate yourself from others. Just move forward when something wrong will have appeared, you will see it, and you know, how to see it.