Chlorophyll Water: The Ultimate Stress Reliever and Body Alkalizer

Stress is a common problem in today’s hectic and fast-paced world. It can affect our physical and mental health, causing fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, digestive issues, and more. Stress can also lower our immunity and make us more prone to infections and diseases.

One of the ways to combat stress and its negative effects is to drink chlorophyll water. Chlorophyll is the green pigment that gives plants their color and helps them convert sunlight into energy.

 Chlorophyll water is made by adding liquid chlorophyll or chlorophyll powder to water. It has many benefits for our health and well-being, such as:

Alkalizing the body

 Chlorophyll water can help balance the pH level of the body, which tends to be acidic due to stress, pollution, processed foods, and other factors. An acidic body can cause inflammation, pain, and disease. Chlorophyll water can neutralize the acidity and restore the alkaline state of the body, which is optimal for health.

Detoxifying the blood:

Chlorophyll water can help cleanse the blood of toxins, impurities, and heavy metals that can accumulate in the body due to stress, smoking, alcohol, drugs, and environmental exposure. Chlorophyll water can also boost the production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen and nutrients to all the cells of the body.

Enhancing the mood:

 Chlorophyll water can help improve the mood and reduce stress by stimulating the production of serotonin and dopamine, which are neurotransmitters that regulate emotions, happiness, and motivation. Chlorophyll water can also help calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety and depression.

Chlorophyll Water: The Ultimate Stress Reliever and Body Alkalizer
Chlorophyll Water: The Ultimate Stress Reliever and Body Alkalizer

Boosting the energy

Chlorophyll water can help increase the energy level and fight fatigue by providing the body with oxygen and antioxidants. Chlorophyll water can also help improve the metabolism and burn fat more efficiently.

Supporting the skin

 Chlorophyll water can help improve the skin’s appearance and health by hydrating it, healing it, and protecting it from damage. Chlorophyll water can help reduce acne, wrinkles, scars, sunspots, and other skin problems. Chlorophyll water can also help prevent skin cancer by blocking harmful UV rays.

How to make chlorophyll water

Making chlorophyll water is easy and inexpensive. You can buy liquid chlorophyll or chlorophyll powder from health food stores or online. You can also make your own chlorophyll by blending fresh green leaves such as spinach, kale, parsley, or mint with water.

To make chlorophyll water, you need to:

  • Fill a glass or a bottle with filtered water.
  • Add a few drops of liquid chlorophyll or a teaspoon of chlorophyll powder or paste to the water.
  • Stir or shake well until the chlorophyll dissolves in the water.
  • Enjoy your chlorophyll water as it is or add some lemon juice, honey, or ginger for extra flavor and benefits.

You can drink chlorophyll water anytime of the day, but it is especially beneficial in the morning to start your day with a boost of energy and vitality. You can also drink it before or after meals to aid digestion and prevent bloating. You can drink up to three glasses of chlorophyll water per day.


Chlorophyll water is a simple and natural way to relieve stress and improve your health. It can help alkalize your body, detoxify your blood, enhance your mood, boost your energy, and support your skin. It is also easy to make and affordable. Try drinking chlorophyll water regularly and see how it transforms your life for the better.

Note: This information is not from any doctor. The data we gather, it is from internet research based. You can consult with doctor for more authentic information.

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