Does Imran Khan really deserves Nobel peace prize?

imran khan final
imran khan

Imran Khan sent back the Indian Pilot, congratulation, and now the social media of Pakistan has come to pay tribute to the Noble Peace Prize Winner.

This questions is being run on a social media campaign so that more and more people can participate in a sign up process so that an inquiry can be sent to the Nobel peace prize committee, because our job is not done.

But there are some questions whose answers is yet to come and instead of thinking deeply about the Pakistanis who are submerged in emotions likes to hear and hear.

The first question is whether indeed India and Pakistan have become peaceful. today at this time i am writing the blog, until then, Modi’s opinion has not come from nowhere that it is sanity for the mind because the conditions of the line of control are embroiled.

This situation can be taken at any time by going to the junk of another trouble even if it is not , then it can not be said that peace between Pakistan and India has really become peaceful.

The second question is , if there is peace between the two dimensional sentence of Pakistan and India, then believe that it will be Modi’s hand in more than Imran khan, because this is not the reason for the cause of war because of Pakistan.

This environment of life is not due to Pakistan because of India, and India’s controversial Modi has now become a target of finding a new strategy against Pakistan. and in the course of which Modi is giving full support to the Indian media, Modi is still listening to an unknown person in Pakistan.

it is difficult to say that virtually every mediocrity in Pakistan and India has come to an end and Imran khan has become a nominee of this reward.

The third question is , lets assume that there was a war between India and Pakistan, because Imran khan took over all the matter very intelligently and cooled the atmosphere from his job like a leader. All things are right in their place, but what is the guarantee of which id will will not be repaid in Pakistan and India after a few days or weeks? just think, if tomorrow 40 or 50 Indian soldiers died again then will India not make the atmosphere of the people again, will not there be any new war preparations again? certainly there is no answer to hang with millions of surfing people using Pakistan social media. This means that the peace and harmony of Pakistan and India can not be sustained unless there is no major change in the blows on leader on both sides which seems very difficult. Imran khan can not do anything out of you.

Now come, come to the side of this matter, let’s assume that the efforts of Pakistani and the world have got the noble prize for Imran Khan. will Imran khan, standing on stage while reclaiming the name, be in the position of claiming that he has actually made a peace between Pakistan and India? the answer to this difficult question is neither by imran khan nor by the establishment of Pakistan.

as long as both India and Pakistan do not have the opportunity of there predecessors, peace is not possible until today and there is no hope of peace between Pakistan and India.