Why do Pakistani people hate Adnan Sami

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Adnan Sami is a Pakistani famous singer but he was living in India for a long time and got a Indian nationality as well. He is a good nationalist in India more than other Indians because he needs much of this. He was just fighting for his fun, but the relationship of Pakistanis and Adnan Sami has been open for 48 hours on the Pakistani social media against adnan sami and adnan sami is being termed as the agent of Pakistani intelligence agency.

An agent whose reason is against the Indian army. this attitude of Pakistani social media activists is called trolling. Those who did not know the reason for this attitude of the Pakistanis were shocked to know who was major adnan sami because singer adnan sami on social media was doing what he was doing to major adnan, now try to know the background of this issue.

In 2016, when India claimed that it had made a successful surgical strike on kashmir, all the biggies of indian film industry praised the indian army in their tweets. adnan sami was also among these people, adnan sami congratulated the Indian army on successful surgical strike in Pakistan’s kashmir territory. At that time, Pakistani social media activists sharp adnan sami had become that lamp. Though till then adnan had developed his indian style and he had not have any connection with Pakistan, but the security of his war within the Pakistanis feel they are so, that is why Pakistanis started a campaign on social media but adnan sami did not want to express any kind of embarrassment in his tweet in response to this, you decided to stay on the spot because adnan did what any indian could get married.

Now its 2019, after 3 years when Pakistan is on daily rage of India and war is being talked of this campaign is started on the social media, new pictures about war invented, new videos shared, different kind of satires created by both sides and making jokey and the ready made social media players of Pakistan have tried to repay their 3 years old revenge from adnan sami. that is why the change of his 2016 tweet was taken as why it was termed as an intelligence agency of Pakistan agent . thinking how profound it should be that India should be praised that it is not really Pakistani agent.

the truth is that anybody can be done to them as the Indian media is making a statement by increasing the value of small things , if anybody wants to go against Pakistan’s adnan sami