Pakistan politician Ahsan Iqbal and American singer Lady Gaga on same page

ahsan gaga
pakistani politican ahsan iqbal and singer lady gaga

There are two conditions on the condition of the monk in Pakistan, the crime of educated milk is very well aware of the condition of its state donations. Pakistan is such a country where it is like killing a merit, like getting up in the morning drinking a cup of tea.

The most important character in this case is the corrupt politicians and the corrupt bureau of corruption in support of houses because in the dirty washroom of power politics, all are bare in front of each other.

Recently a famous american Gul but it would not be wrong to say that the moon of the world, Lady Gaga included in a famous blue cars Oscar award for best song. well, this is not a big deal, Oscars are given and taken every year. The important thing is that after gaining the award lady gaga has a tweet in which a sentence was very profitable.

“its not about winning, what is about is not giving up”

Lady Gaga writing or speaking this sentence is not the world’s first eater, the book has been read by hundred of millions of people in the world , and many have followed and succeeded.

We all know that hard work and fighting for their purpose only leads to success. but lady gaga that after this tweet, the person who became most famous of this tweet in Pakistan, the name of that person is Ahsan Iqbal, who is noteable Politician and former minister of Muslim league N party.

When lady gaga came in a tweet , he got up and sat in the seat Iqbal slept and tweeted.

Ahsan Iqbal wrote.

very instructive tweet

Ahsan Iqbal expressed his views of Lady Gaga’s tweet and it got the impression that the well written arsenic have got such a lesson in life for the first time.

Ahsan Iqbal attitude was such that he first came to know about life that it is necessary to make a real struggle in life. this is the only time that prime minister Imran khan has twice more responses in his works but Ahsan Iqbal has neither great.

Prior to lady gaga, Ahsan Iqbal’s own country men Imran khan had hundred of times during this time that he did not believe in defeat, but the arsenic did not understand it but when lady gaga wrote this tweet then his excitement of Pakistan was a sublime friend inside Aristotle.

it can also another mean that Ahsan Iqbal is engaged in love with intelligence from lady gaga. May be Ahsan Iqbal is trying to awake lady gaga love for him because creative people like arsenic will walk on the path of Jaina disease, no one can say anything.