10 Adorable Easter Crafts for Infants

Easter is a magical time filled with joy, bright colors, and festivities. It’s a wonderful opportunity to engage in fun activities with our infants, even if they are too small to embark on an egg hunt. Introducing infants to Easter can be both exciting and adorable, especially through baby-friendly crafts. These crafts are not only an excellent way to create lasting memories, but they also help develop sensory and motor skills.

Whether you’re a parent, guardian, or caregiver, setting aside time to make these Easter crafts with infants can provide a heartwarming and bonding experience. In this blog, we have rounded up 10 adorable Easter crafts perfect for infants. So, get your glue sticks, construction paper, and crafting supplies ready – it’s time to dive into a world of creativity that’s just right for your little one!

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Easter Craft Ideas for Infants

Handprint cards

Transform your baby’s fingerprint into adorable Easter-themed cards. Simply dip their tiny hands in non-toxic paint and press onto cardstock. Add details like bunny ears or chick features with markers. They’re perfect for sending love to family this Easter.

Footprint Bunnies

Use your baby’s footprints to create a cute bunny. Gently press their foot into non-toxic, washable paint and stamp it onto paper. Once dry, add features like eyes, ears, and a nose with a fine marker. This makes a memorable Easter keepsake.

10 Adorable Easter Crafts for Infants
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Egg shakers

Make some noise this Easter with DIY egg shakers. Clean and dry small plastic eggs, fill them with rice or beads, and tape them shut. Let your baby shake them to their heart’s content. It’s a fun way to introduce music and sensory play.

Bunny Ears Headband

Craft a simple bunny ears headband using soft felt and a flexible headband that’s gentle on your baby’s head. Cut out ear shapes, add pink to the inner ear, and attach to the headband. It’s perfect for Easter photos.

Decorate your onesies

Turn a plain onesie into a festive outfit by decorating it with fabric markers or paint. Draw simple Easter designs like eggs, bunnies, or chicks. It’s a fun way to personalize your baby’s holiday wardrobe.

Easter Sensory Bottles

Create visually stimulating Easter sensory bottles by filling clear plastic bottles with water, glitter, small Easter-themed items, and food coloring. Seal the bottles tightly and watch your baby’s fascination as they explore the colors and shapes.

Chick Finger Puppets

Craft chick finger puppets using yellow felt, googly eyes, and feathers for a simple, yet engaging toy for your infants. These are very beneficial for interactive play and imaginative stories.

Bunny Tail Pom-Pom Play

Glue a soft, fluffy pom-pom onto a ribbon or a safe clip to make a playful bunny tail. Attach it to your baby’s back (over their clothing) for the cutest adorable hopper in your Easter photos. Always supervise play to ensure safety.

Carrot footprint painting

Dip your baby’s foot in orange paint and press it onto paper to create a carrot base. Once dry, use green paint or markers to add leaves on top. It’s an excellent way to capture your baby’s foot size this Easter.

Easter Egg Potato Stamps

Cut a potato in half and carve out an Easter egg design on the flat side. Dip the carved side into paint and let your baby stamp it onto paper, fabric, or cards. It’s a mess-free way to let them play with paint and create Easter art.

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