Easy Easter crafts for babies

Easter is a time of joy and celebration, especially for families. It’s a season filled with fun traditions, beautiful colors, and the excitement of spring. However, when you have little ones, you might wonder how to include them in the festivities, particularly when crafting. Not all Easter crafts are suitable for babies, but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll explore easy and safe Easter craft ideas for babies. These crafts are not only enjoyable for your adorable bunnies but also serve as an excellent way for you and your baby to bond over a creative activity. Come on, let’s get into some delightful and doable DIY projects that will make your Easter extra special.

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Baby-Friendly Easter Craft Ideas

Spring is a wonderful time to start new traditions with your little one. What better way to do so than by engaging in some delightful Easter crafting? Below, we’ve rounded up some easy, baby-friendly Easter craft ideas that will spark joy and creativity in both of you.

Fingerprint bunnies

One of the simplest yet most adorable crafts to try with your baby is creating fingerprint bunnies. All you need is a non-toxic ink pad in any color you like, a piece of paper, and a fine-tip marker. Press your baby’s finger onto the ink pad, then onto the paper to make the bunny’s body. You can use a marker to add details such as ears, faces, and a fluffy tail. This craft is safe and easy but also creates a precious keepsake that captures your baby’s tiny prints. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to develop their sensory skills.

Easy Easter crafts for babies
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Handprint Chicks

Another fun and festive craft is handprint chicks. For this, you’ll require yellow non-toxic paint, a brush, paper, and markers or paint for decoration. Simply paint your baby’s hand with yellow paint and press it onto the paper to create a chick’s body. Once the paint has dried, you and your little one can use markers or paint to add features like eyes, a beak, and feet. This activity is not only a lovely way to celebrate Easter but also a fantastic opportunity for your baby to experience new textures and colors.

Safety Tips for Crafting with Babies

Crafting with your baby is a rewarding activity that can foster their development and create lasting memories. However, ensuring your little one’s safety during these activities is paramount. Here are some essential tips to remember to ensure a safe and enjoyable crafting experience.

Non-toxic materials

First and foremost, always opt for non-toxic materials when crafting with babies. This applies to everything from paint and ink to glue and playdough. Babies are naturally curious and might put their hands or craft materials in their mouths, so it’s crucial to use safe products if accidentally ingested. Fortunately, many brands offer non-toxic options specifically designed for use by young children. Always double-check the labels before purchasing to ensure they’re safe for your baby.


Constant supervision is necessary when crafting with babies. Not only does this help prevent accidents, but it also allows for bonding and teaching moments. Keep all craft supplies out of reach when not in use, and never leave your baby unattended during craft time. Consider setting up a designated crafting area where everything is baby-proofed and within easy reach, so you can focus on enjoying this special time together without worrying about safety hazards.

Avoid small parts.

When choosing craft projects, it’s wise to avoid small parts or choking hazards. Babies love to explore with their hands and mouths, making it easy to pick up and swallow small items. Instead, opt for crafts that involve larger, baby-safe materials, such as long pieces of paper, large paintbrushes, and hand-sized sponges. If a craft requires smaller items for decoration, apply them yourself and keep them out of reach of curious small hands.

Crafting with your baby this Easter can provide a wonderful opportunity to bond and create adorable keepsakes. By following these baby-friendly Easter craft ideas and safety tips, you can enjoy a fun, worry-free making experience. Remember, the goal is to have fun and make memories, so don’t stress about perfection. Messy, imperfect crafts often hold the most charm and meaning. Happy crafting and happy Easter!

Benefits of DIY crafts for babies

Crafting with babies might sound like a daring endeavor, but it’s a fun and colorful way to spend time together. Not only does it create adorable keepsakes, but DIY Easter crafts offer tangible benefits for your little one’s development and your relationship. Let’s dive into some of these wonderful advantages.

Developmental milestones

Engaging in DIY crafts with your baby can play a significant role in reaching developmental milestones. These activities involve a variety of movements and sensory experiences that contribute to their physical and cognitive growth. Here are a few key areas where crafting can make a positive impact:

– Fine Motor Skills: Activities like picking up small objects, painting with fingers, or sticking pieces of paper together require babies to use their small muscles. These actions help develop fine motor skills, which are crucial for tasks like writing, buttoning clothes, and feeding themselves in the future.

– Sensory Exploration: Crafts involve different textures, colors, and materials, providing an excellent sensory experience for babies. Exploring materials like cotton balls, felt, or non-toxic paint can stimulate their senses and enhance their cognitive development. It also helps them understand the world around them better by distinguishing between different sensory inputs.

– Language Development: While crafting, talk to your baby about what you’re doing. Describe colors, textures, and actions. This not only strengthens your bond but also exposes them to language, aiding in their speech and language development. It’s a practical way to introduce language vocabulary in a fun, engaging context.

– Problem-Solving Skills: Even at a young age, babies learn to solve problems. When they figure out how to stick two pieces together or make a mark with a crayon, they engage in early problem-solving. It encourages cognitive development by making them think about actions and consequences.

Bonding experience

Beyond developmental milestones, DIY Easter crafts offer a precious bonding opportunity. This hands-on time fosters a deep sense of security and connection between you and your baby. Here’s how:

– Quality Time: In our busy lives, it’s essential to carve out uninterrupted time with our little ones. Crafting provides this special one-to-one time, allowing you to focus solely on each other and the creative task at hand. Quality time is vital for strengthening your bond.

– Creating Memories: The crafts you create become more than just decorations; they’re tangible memories of the time spent together. Someday, you’ll look back at these handmade treasures and remember the fun and laughter of making them.

– Stress Reduction: Believe it or not, engaging in simple creative activities like crafting can reduce stress and promote relaxation for both of you. It’s a gentle way to unwind and connect, away from screens and other distractions.

In conclusion, DIY Easter crafts is more than just a fun holiday activity. It supports their developmental milestones, while also providing an unforgettable and cherished bonding experience. So, embrace the mess, enjoy the process, and cherish these joyful moments of creativity and connection.


As Easter approaches, it’s a wonderful opportunity to engage in fun and creative activities with your little ones. These easy and safe Easter crafts are suitable for babies, providing not only fun time but also fostering their sensory development and fine motor skills. From fluffy bunnies to vibrant Easter eggs, each project offers a special way to celebrate the holiday together. Remember, the goal is to enjoy the process and cherish these moments of playful learning and bonding. So, grab your crafting supplies, and let’s make this Easter memorable for the tiniest members of the family! Happy crafting and a joyous Easter to you and your little one!

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