Girls at Pakistani university cannot wear their favorite dresses

lahore college

A famous university of Lahore has brought a new dress codes for university students. Understand this here that girls are wearing wreaths with their wishes for weeks. From this particular issue, i will write a separate blog which will tell the situation currently moving towards present.

A new dress code has been adapted for comparison and rhythm in the university of Lahore. according to this, it is imperative to take scarf for later talent in the milk of university and those girls who uniformed against it will have to pay a fine of 5000. the girls will not wear tights, tight pajamas and besides wearing jeans, the ban has been rectified. The girls will not wear shirts without the sides.

Advice to earn these for the first time on the uniform for one thousand fine and for second time 5000 rs fines and the third time student will be rejected from the university.

According to this, student of this Lahore university will follow the dress code from march 11. apart from this rhythm, the dress code has also been dropped for male students as well. it is important to understand here that you will never have any of the boy’s names, those people who today are the same love today. Here only women wreck is being talked about but may be the university administration is also talking about the exchange of boy’s names with girls. for which, there is a solid reason that there is no question of gender discrimination however, we all know that boys who have never had any aspect of hanging or bay before, this matter is only related to girl’s names.

in Pakistani universities , girls have come after the change of opinion after Imran khan. prior to this, in the case of university girls, in the matter of today, my account was kept silent.

The university of the Lahore is not the first university of Pakistan who have arranged for such arrangement in addition to arrangements for girls related their clothes. These things happened in other universities as well.