Pakistani models began to prove to be a good well after death

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anam tanoli…ainni ali khan…qandeel baloch

Qandeel Baloch was killed in 15 july 2016 in the name of alleged brother, who had quick discount on famous models and social media in Pakistan. Qandeel killing is going to be completed 3 years, so far, Qandeel was not a single model who faced misfortune,but many famous models of Pakistan have been killed or suicide on different occasions.

just a few days ago in Karachi, famous model Arbab Hani gave that the award has died in situation. The house of the model the chance that his friend is a friend of his daughter in the murder of his daughter, on the other hand, the police also had the opportunity to make the model intoxication and injections. apart from this, she used to take various types of drugs and his death was due to excessive use of drugs. But the model’s house is not ready to admit that she did not use their daughter drugs. Police do not look good in Pakistan; investigations and bribery are in Pakistani police like this, like a glass of water going on in the night. claims to improve lives have come to the fore, but you have complained of the police of Pakistan.

when a common man listens to the name of the police, he starts cutting. it is not difficult to estimate how well the police chance can be improved in these circumstances. looking at the investigation of the murder of model Rubab, it seems that the police is trying to get rid of this case so far and the police investigation has not reached any conclusion even after 14 days of the murder.

who speaks of the model in September 2018, a famous model Anam Tanoli of Lahore, Anam Tanoli had committed suicide.

It is said that model Anam was troubled by the tightness of social media. and before dying, Anam mentioned this in his last video post on social media. The depression was so Hight that the model hanged from the fan herself . model’s age was 26 years old. Here you mention that the many women of Pakistan who have decided to suicide they prefer to hang themselves from a fan and has been suicidal. The method of hanging from the fan to kill their life is the popular method for leaving this world.

On july 21,2018, another famous model of Pakistan and freelance journalist Annie Ali khan jammed into his own interest in the former selfishness. Ali used to have a big name in his light. keep writing in several famous English newspapers. Many documentary worked on this and that book was working before she died. Annie Ali death caused by fire after suffering a fire according to the police and Neighbors, A sudden fire broke out in his flat when the police reached the spot and the door was broken, the room was full of smoke. the breath that stopped coming from the prayer in the room stopped and she died. that is, this case was given a straightforward case of self harm. Here the questions arises whether or not Annie was referring to the frequent circles that it will be very soon with her book which is close to being perfect but the suddenly what has happened is that the incoming person had to burn his books and commit suicide.

in Pakistan, police also have expertise in giving the color of suicide to every case to avoid the investigation . This matter has been done so for and the concrete reason for the coming killer has not yet come to light.

If there is a fashion industry in Pakistan but in spite of this it is not wrong to say that behind the glare of the fashion industry, the big painful stories are hidden. these stories not seen by ordinary people. Sad time for ordinary people when news of a sudden death of a model comes to light but the people of Pakistan have the courage to forget the tears of every pain.