why jeans is popular among women of Lahore?

lahori khawateen

Pakistan is such a country where seeing the clothes of the front of the person only makes sense of someone’s reality and if it is talked about Pakistani women dress, it is his opinion of every section and in this case, discrimination in seen on this matter.

The poor Pakistani women dresses will be cheaper and the scarf on the head will be called this lower middle class symbol. if the middle class is talked about then it is the biggest cause of hypocrisy. the hypocrisy of this section neither feel themselves poor nor can they claim that they are rich.

Just as the middle class people are confused with their identity, their residences are also confuse like theirs. Women of the middle class wears fashionable and expensive clothes, sometimes seen in plain clothes and sometimes even seen in veils. if talk about veil, then it can be seen mostly rural areas of Pakistan and for poor people are big admirer of this however,if talking about the elite class of Pakistan, it is not considered as good to have a veil here. The more fashionable the woman will be as much respectable in this section. There can not be any picture of concealment in this section that in the elite class, a few percent consideration is good for taking a veil, but most of the cheeks are open minded, that is, fashionable.

Now the news was going on in a channel that the jeans in Lahore’s women are not forgetting the most important thing is that is that if you buy a good quality jeans for a while, it will not matter if you wear it. the jeans are neither afraid of being old nor jealous for jeans usually have been worn for many years. In the urban areas, young women and men living in jeans are already very strong and often eating bedding and girls also wear jeans. but in the zoom zoom country, the popularity of social media has flown its flag. when the name comes in the thinking of the dress and it can be seen in the face of the change of clothes of Pakistani women.

however, most of the benefits of jealousy in Pakistan will be on the night of night, which is disturbed by the expensive shopping of women clothing because if the value of jeans in the news is increased , it will mean that the expenses the household men will be low.

challenges are unlikely to happen in business and employment opportunities in Pakistan;if seen from this point of view, the growing hobby of wearing jeans in Pakistani’s women is arguably good news for Pakistani’s men pocket.