4 shocking facts of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorce

In the world of showbiz, one wonders if a marriage lasts for a long time. Because while the marriages of ordinary people last for a long time, the marriages of showbiz celebrities seem to end in a very short time. If you start looking at the reasons, one of the reasons that stand out is fame and money. Both husband and wife lack neither fame nor money. And both are unwilling to compromise. While there are a lot of compromises behind a successful marriage. Perhaps this is the reason why we have seen the marriages of many well-known showbiz couples break up.

Who doesn’t know Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? Both of them got married in 2014, but seven years later in 2021, Kim Kardashian filed a claim in the court to get a divorce from West and now they have been officially divorced with some strict conditions. There are 4 shocking facts about this famous couple divorce. We will talk each of them. Let’s start.

Monthly expenses of Kanye West

Reality show star Kim Kardashian and Gold digger Kanye West have four children, and according to the court decision, these children have been given joint custody and West has also been ordered to pay $200,000 per month in child support, but the matter is not limited here. 

The rapper popularly known as Gold Digger will also have to bear fifty percent of his children’s tuition and education expenses. That is, the cost of the waste is going to be good.

The court ruling also said that if there is any dispute between the two regarding the issue of children, then both of them will participate equally in the settlement process. If neither party participates in the settlement process, it shall be deemed a victory for the other party.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorce finalized

Time to distribute Property

Now as far as the property of the couple is concerned, it will now be divided jointly among the children because the most important question in every divorce is about property and especially when the couple is famous and rich, from divorce, property is more important. The same is happening in this case.

Now, as far as spending time with children is concerned, West has already admitted that children spend about 80% of their time with their mother.

Biggest weakness of Kanye West

The most interesting thing to see in the midst of this case was that Kim Kardashian did not change her lawyer to fight her case. Kim’s lawyer name is Laura Wasser and she is famous divorce lawyer. While West has changed six lawyers in the case so far. This suggests that West is not even getting a proper lawyer to present his case properly. It also shows West’s attitude that he doesn’t trust anyone.

Why Kim Kardashian position is so strong in divorce case?

Experts monitoring the case say that West’s behavior in the divorce case so far has been frivolous. He also continued to criticize Kim Kardashian’s family on social media and he continued to show stupidity in the court. This has turned out to be completely against him.

 Legal experts are even saying Kanye West could face more setbacks if Kim Kardashian shows a little more prudence and makes his case against West more forcefully because by his frivolous behavior he has weakened his own case.


It has been observed that the tendency of the children is more towards the mother. However, if we look at the financial sacrifices of the father for the children, they are much more than the mother, as in this case, West has received a strong financial shock and this shock will continue to be felt every month, but this is also true kardarshian is also big celebrity and wealthy. But the aftershocks of divorce did not stop because in coming days, there are chances Kim can get complete custody of her children because west behavior and other issues weakening his case.

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