50,000 years old Zombie Pandora virus discovered

It seems that the world has run out of good news. The world was not completely free from the threat of corona virus but new news has made a lot to think about. The 50,000-year-old zombie Pandora virus discovered in Siberia, has once again sounded the alarm for the world. The discovery of this 50,000-year-old zombie virus, which is also called the Pandora virus, has raised new questions. In this article, we will discuss about five questions that arise regarding this virus and also try to find out their possible answers. So let’s begin.

Where was the zombie Pandora virus discovered?

First of all, know that this virus was discovered from the bottom of a 50,000-year-old glacial lake in Siberia. A team of French scientists has discovered more than thirteen viruses. One of which is the zombie Pandora virus. Scientists also believe that this virus is the oldest virus ever discovered.

Why was such a dangerous virus taken out of the icy lake?

The question is also rising in the mind of the common man that such a virus should have been allowed to remain under the ice layer, why it was revived by scientists. So the simple answer is that the ice is melting due to global climate change. And as a result of this process, these viruses, locked underground for centuries, can come out by themselves and if they start causing damage, it is difficult even for scientists to stop this destruction. Scientists also revive such viruses to assess their lethality and take preventive measures. Scientists are still trying to figure out how dangerous this zombie virus or Pandora virus can be.

50,000 year old Zombie Pandora virus discovered

What do scientists think about this zombie virus?

Aix-Marseille University professor Jean-Michel Claverie   said, “ In the north, a fifth of the Earth’s surface is hidden under permafrost, and if the ice is left to melt on its own, there’s no telling how many dangerous viruses could escape”

 Professor Jain added that it is not correct to say that the zombie virus is not dangerous to humans.

 This statement of the professor has certainly created a wave of fear. If, this zombie virus or similar viruses were to break free on their own before being caught by scientists, then how much destruction could there be? It cannot be thought of.

What if the zombie pandora virus breaks free?

A question is also being raised that if the scientists make a mistake during the research on this virus, then this virus can be transmitted to animals and from animals to humans. WHO has proposed the name Disease X for the disease spread by such unknown viruses? The statement given by the WHO last year cannot be ignored that the next disease after Corona in the world will be the Black Death. In which more than seventy five million people may die.

Why are viruses being transmitted from animals to humans?

A question also arises here as to why the virus is finally being transmitted from animals to humans, as it is said about the corona virus that it was transmitted from animals to humans, then the direct answer is that Due to the increasing population, the habitats of the animals have decreased.

Animals that used to live in remote forests and had little contact with humans have now become less distant as human encroachment on forests has increased to alarming levels.

The construction of new homes and the growing human population have forced animals to leave their habitats and seek survival among humans. The result of which is that now the disease affecting these animals can be transferred to humans very quickly. There is no doubt about it.


Scientists say that due to global warming, more ice may melt in the coming years and such viruses may emerge. After any such virus comes to the fore, the world will face another catastrophe after the Corona virus, but this virus will be many times more dangerous than the Corona virus.

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