masturbation in public place | 2 Provocative reasons

masturbation in public place
masturbation in public place


masturbation in public place is a newer thing for Pakistani society. The world is changing day by day. We are seeing and knowing masturbation in public place which had no existence in the past. There is a bitter truth that harassment is an international problem. We cannot refer to any single society where women are fully safe from harassment. If we talk about Europe, there is a huge issue of harassment there. America and Britain are the most advanced countries, but women also face such dirty things in these countries as well.

In this regard, we can give an example of the “Metoo campaign”. Although this campaign has its own agendas, it is true that harassment is there and everywhere. From elite to poor sort of society, women face such dirty things on a daily basis. But our today topic is masturbation in public place of Pakistan. What is the story behind and how can someone do that?

First of all, you need to understand, if men tease women in any way, it’s a frustration and so long history of this kind of thing. I don’t want to dig deeper because the topic will be changed. So, my primary focus is to cover the topic of masturbation in public place of Pakistan.

A few months ago, a video had been viral in Lahore city of Pakistan. In this video, this guy was on his bike and doing masturbation in public place.

That time, a girl was coming towards him. Definitely, the focus of that guy was that girl. During this illicit act, this brave girl caught his video and later on, posted on social media.

Another incident happened in the same city Lahore. In this video, a man was doing masturbation in public place. He was on his bike. In this place, a school bus of girls was there. That incident was also caught in camera and later on, viral on social media.

Another incident happened near Punjab University, Lahore. A rickshaw driver was doing masturbation on his Rikshaw.

During that time, some girls were there who were waiting to their bus. This scene was also captured through mobile camera. This video is also got viral on social media.

Another incident happened in same city of Lahore. A man was doing masturbation near girl’s hostel. A brave girl caught his video during this illicit video.

The story is not ended here. The same kind of events also happened in other cities of Pakistan as well. In Islamabad, in a lift of shopping mall, same sort of thing happened when an employee of this shopping mall started masturbation after seeing a girl in the lift.

The question is why these things happened? Is there any kind of frustration if yes, then this kind of frustration is not a new phenomenon? But now, people bursting out on roads, everywhere without taking care any kind of self-respect.

If you read about google survey about Pakistanis then you can understand the deep roots of masturbation in public place. Pakistanis are more interested in watching porn movies than other countries in the world.

Their obsession with sex has been burst out now. In Pakistan society, sex is not a normal thing, so mostly these people who do this act.

These people are deprived of sex. They cannot get such beautiful girls as they see in their dreams. Porn movies increase their desire, but the ground realities of these guys are miserable. In this dilemma, they are confused enough and ready to do anything which can give pleasure to them. Masturbation in public place is one of them.