Sidhu is in crisis, where is his best friend Imran khan?

sidhu final
Sidhu and his friend prime minister imran khan

All the tractors of India and Pakistan know Sidhu very well.Since, he has gone to Pakistan some months ago, his face has been transformed. Sidhu was also a co host of Sony tv show “comedy night with kapil sharma” but after Palwama incident, Sidhu has been kicked out from the show.

Sidhu first introduction is that he is a cricketer, then showbiz person,then politician as well. it seems Nojot singh Sidhu and Imran khan are just 2 examples in Pakistan and India, they are previously successful cricketers and then turn to successful politician. of course, Imran khan is more successful than Sidhu because he is a prime minister but sidhu is also a minister or ruling party in Indian Punjab, but every thing is going against sidhu after Palwama incident.

when former cricketer and politician Imran khan won the election and became prime minister of Pakistan that time Sidhu went to Pakistan and participating oath taking ceremony of Imran khan. after his departure from Pakistan, Indian media and other social tycoons of India started criticism against Sidhu. these things were still running but after Palwama attack, a new malicious campaign again Sidhu started in the whole India. Sidhu has removed from the famous TV show and now Sidhu has been restricted to enter in Bollywood at any cost. there is a one reason behind. Sidhu did not say that Pakistan is responsible of Palwama incident. He argued that if a group member of any party suffer from diarrhea then it does not mean whole the country will face same symptoms or the whole nation is responsible for this action.

but Sidhu this statement is not being digested by Indian establishment and ruling party and they being arrangements to teach him a lesson. Now he has one thing left, and it is a symbol of congress but the situation seems to be changing in such a way that a congress will son remove Sidhu from his party and risk of his life is another aspect of the story. Sources of Sidhu earning have been limited day by day. Sidhu is in such a situation that his old friend Imran khan.

hopefully, Imran khan may not care his old friends but will take care of Sidhu because Sidhu is facing hard time of his life and very deep reason behind is respect of Imran khan.

Trustees of Pakistanis deserves that they should offer Sidhu to come to Pakistan,instead of waiting for defamation that when the start is taken from India against Sidhu because this Palwama game is going to last for a very long time.