Pakistan population| Pakistan can never progress

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There are not tons of arms in hand.  The most important reason is that Pakistanis don’t seem to be accustomed to obtaining up within the morning. Pakistan population do not get up early in the cities of Pakistan and this is a big reality.

Pakistan population
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Cities have been on one side. Now, people do not even come to the countryside to get up early in the morning.
According to an estimate, the population of Karachi is missing by 30 million and the busyness of this stock makes it a crime to get up before 12:00 pm. One thing is very famous here. Only two types of people get up early in the morning in Karachi.

Pakistan population|people like to sleep

If these people do not have the compulsion to get up early in the morning, then these people too will sleep comfortably till 12:00pm.
That is, it is not wrong to say that in a big city like Karachi, getting up in the morning is considered crime. People are forced to wake up in the morning. People in Karachi only wake up early in the morning in a state of helplessness.

pakistan population
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Where there is a condition of compulsion that people do not tailor to get up early in the morning? What will be the progress there?

Pakistan population| Karachi sleeps whole the day

In Karachi, markets open only after 2:00pm and remain open till night. In the morning, morning in Karachi is as bleak as found in the graveyard. Successful people wake up early in the morning. How is this a reality which no successful man can deny?


Pakistan population does not have the tendency to get up early in the morning. Can this country make progress in the next 200 years?

Because people here do not prefer to get up in the morning and wake up during the day and spend their time till night. The tea hotels of Karachi keep the juice of the people who sit there and gossip and spend their time in that life. Refusing all this, you will not be seen in any one place in Karachi, but in the whole city, now this trend has spread from Karachi to other cities of Pakistan.

Pakistan population| Rich people are evil

Another wrong thinking is found in the people of Pakistan and that thinking is about people with money. People in Pakistan say that someone with more money is not a good man and after death, god will punish him more than them.

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Pakistan population understands that if two time bread is available easily then do not need to work hard.


Just think, what is the Imran khan to progress in the country in which people think like that? Can a country progress with this thinking?

If you see daily routine of Pakistan population, then you will be surprised to see the trend of hard work among people here has reduced many times in the past.

Pakistan population| People want money without hard work

People here want money but do not want to work hard to earn money. People want to increase their sitting and get everything. But, they do not have to work. And this is the wrong thinking that is causing the Pakistani quantity to go to destruction day by day.


Pakistan population| only helpless people wake up early morning

If you wake up early in the morning someday, in Karachi, the people you see at any place will be either students or they will be the parents of the children or they are must be teachers.

Pakistan population| imran cannot do anything

Pakistani Prime minister Imran khan is talking about changing the destiny of value of Pakistani people in his 5 years tenure. He is probably expecting too much from this issue. He can never fulfill it because till the time about the work of Pakistani people. As long as the thinking of the Pakistani people do not change. This country can never progress under any circumstances. Because these people live their lives against nature and nature have no mercy on such people.

Pakistan population| why people say Karachi is city of lights?
pakistan population
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Karachi is also called city of lights, in fact, it is not really a praising of Karachi, but it is making evil statement of Karachi. Being a city of lights also means that city of Karachi stays awake all night. it is a simple matter that those who stay awake all night do not get up early in the morning.

It is not wrong to say that those who call Karachi the city of lights have actually given a proof that the Karachi people will always wake up late.

Pakistan population| no progress possible

And if Pakistan population get up late, when will they go to work and for how long will they work and what will be the progress in that work?

This is all the questions that no one can answer even the greatest scholars. Every doctor in the world will park with the fact that the lion of those who wake up late at night is never good.

Pakistan population| no health, no wealth, just negativity prevails

This means that it has been proved that waking up late in the morning is not only business-related but also in terms of health. This habit will give harm but who will explain this to the Pakistan population?

You have become old in the habit of getting up late. Those people who are the men of getting up early in the morning. They come to Karachi from other cities. they also involve in same habits. they wake up late like other karachi peoples.


Pakistan population| Gift of Karachi city

One thing famous about Karachi is that it is impossible to sleep here early tonight. The atmosphere here and like the people living here. Life compels those who come here to wake up late at night.

The greatest gift that one gives to the city of visitors to Karachi is that it should wake up overnight and get up late in the morning. This gift is probably available to every person who lives in Karachi.

government says they are doing good but business of the country is not doing good.


Pakistan population| people are responsible for their destruction

There is a lot of hand in hand if there is no business advancement in Pakistan. But the businessmen of Karachi themselves are also responsible for this. They open the shops late and wakes up late. What will be the progress in that work?

Pakistan population| busniessmen worried

If you do, then the businessman says that Pakistan population here are the men of getting up late. They cannot open his shops early. If they start to open their shops in the early morning. Then people will also get up early and start their shopping because people will know that the market will close at 5:00 am and opens early in the morning. So people will also change their routine but nobody is willing to take initiative here.

imran khan
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If one is dead, cannot 10 Imran khans also make progress in this country?  Pakistan population mindset is a biggest hurdle in the way of progress.