Nawaz sharif latest news | all claims of Imran khan ready to leave

Nawaz sharif latest news
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Nawaz sharif latest news is, former pm Pakistan Nawaz Sharif is ready to fly into the air.

“I will not give NRO” Pakistani people had heard this sentence hundreds of times from the mouth of Imran khan, now this sentence has come out as a lie.


People who used to say that Imran Khan is not a puppet; they are now hiding their faces in shame. Imran Khan has proved that he does not have anything in his hand and the establishment is what they want.

Nawaz sharif latest news | people’s hopes are like a pile of mud

There is a game of hours now. in other words, Nawaz Sharif will leave the country very soon. Through the paperwork and the name of the sub-committee, people are being fooled. The reality is everything has been done.


In time and circumstances, it has been proved once again. Besides, nothing has come to Pakistan without the will of the establishment. The hopes and expectations of people from Imran khan were like a pile of mud.

Nawaz sharif latest news | Imran khan is a complete the picture of helplessness

Imran khan’s entire election campaign went on to call Nawaz sharif corrupt. And today, after one year of getting power, the same Nawaz Sharif is ready to leave the country in the name of the illness. Imran Khan is a complete picture of helplessness.

Imran Khan repeatedly said that he will return the stolen wealth. Afterward, he will release the Nawaz sharif. Now the question of whether the deal with Nawaz Sharif was done? Or it just is fooling the people. Has he looted money back?

Nawaz sharif latest news | The Pakistani establishment has once again hit the mouth of the Pakistani people

The Pakistani establishment has once again hit the mouth of the Pakistani people. Establishment spit in the mouth of all those people who were saying that the situation in Pakistan will improve.


This is not only about Nawaz sharif. It is also about her daughter Maryam Nawaz who was convicted in corruption charges along with her father. After Nawaz’s departure, on the other hand, her daughter will also leave for London near her father.  This is the real reality of this country.

Nawaz sharif latest news | billion rupee criminal is safe here

In this country, a billion rupee corrupt man goes out of the country on the pretext of sickness. On the other hand, a common man dies at the hands of the policemen who steal bread only.

if you think, the system will improve then you are fool,

This system is only a slave of the corrupt establishment. They decide the fate of 220 million’s people in the country.

Nawaz sharif latest news | He is still a powerful person of the country

The situation has proved that even after Nawaz sharif stealing billion of rupees. He has proved to be a perpetrator. He is still a powerful person in the country.

Corrupt Nawaz sharif is still a big threat to Pakistan’s corrupt establishment. The establishment has no courage to punish this corrupt guy. They hate him but cannot harm him. This is the burning reality of today’s new Pakistan.

Imran Khan should know that this is the last chance of his life. If he could not do anything this time. Next time even the dog of the street will not vote for Imran khan.

Pakistan’s establishment and it’s all institutions together could not stop a criminal Nawaz sharif. They have forced to let him go out of the country.

The Pakistani people should know one thing very well. The corrupt elite controls each and every decision of the country.