Pakistani soldiers are happy to die; Tarek Fatah has thrown bills on India

tareq fatah

All people living in Pakistan and India by the name of Tarek Fatah are aware  of people who are connected to TV or have news of social media, they are well aware of Tarek Fatah. Tarek Fatah is a celebrated guest, journalist and a person with a secular look. Tarek Fatah was born in Karachi (Pakistan) in 1949. Tarek Fatah worked as a journalist many years in Karachi newspapers. He faced jails as well then he shifted to Saudi Arabia. After that, he got settled in Canada, where he spent a lot of time and during this time he also participated in the matter with a variety of issues besides cleanliness. The purpose of this blog is not to talk about Tarek Fatah theories but to just tell that tareq is currently the star of Indian’s eyes because they openly threaten the Pakistani establishment and the army. So for years of corruption India has kept the Tarek Fatah on the eyes. Some years ago, Tarek Fatah arranged a show as a Host, the name of “Fatah ka fitwa”. This was a controversial show and religious Muslim groups in India protested against this show. Tarek Fatah always talks against Pakistan and Islam so a majority of Muslims did not like him. Some days ago, Tareq given interviews to different Indian TV channels, after these interviews, some sentences were much heavier, it could be the reason of panic attack in the Indian army. In his one interview, tareq said the difference between Pakistani and Indian army is so much that Pakistani army people are not afraid of dying and they think that after death, they will start immortal life which will never be an end. On the other hand, there is no furore among the Indian soldiers, they want to stay alive.

In the interview of Tarek Fatah, it is also said that Pakistan can atomic attack on India but for harming India, they can harm their selves as well. About Tarek Fatah, Pakistan has the opinion that it is an enemy of Pakistan. Employed by Tarek Fatah, Islam and Pakistani army are the owners. In his recent statement, Tarek Fatah has always criticized Pakistan army  but his recently interviews, he also praised for the bravery of the Pakistani army.

Tarek Fatah probably did not have an idea that he has given a beggar to the Indian army with great simplicity.

It is difficult to say now that the star did not say this in simplicity or tareq wanted to scare the rest of the Indian army because it cannot be said that he has encouraged the Indian army. That is why it is more appropriate to say that Indians have not tried to air the balloon from the Indian army. Indian army, which is still preparing to open new goods against Pakistan, if his soldiers hear this statements of Tarek Fatah, they will definitely get rid of him because interviews for Tarek Fatah on Pakistani social media are becoming increasing viral. Finally, the enemy of Pakistan talks about Pakistan only.