Pakistani famous singer Rabi pirzada nude video scandal | singer reaction |

Rabi Pirzada nude video is a new sensation of Pakistani social media. This scandal shocked the whole social media. The scandal is about nude video and pictures of the singer. There is a different kind of clarification is here. Singer says, her phone was out of order, and mobile mechanic illegally got her pics. Her second statement is this video is fake and fabricated. There are two different kinds of face-saving statements. No one is ready to believe in these two statements. Everyone is saying the singer is telling a lie. She made her nude video herself.

pakistani singer rabi pirzada nude video scandal
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The reality of  Rabi Pirzada video

If you watched the video, one thing is obvious, this video is a so-called self-made of the singer. She made this video with crystal mind with her alluring dance. Perhaps, she wanted to send this video to someone else. He may be her boyfriend or any relation with him. The question is why I am saying this? There is a solid reason. In the whole world, there are dozens of stories we listen and read about this kind of girl’s videos and pics, which are made for boyfriends. Of course, this kind of video is not for a husband because he does not need to watch this video because he already knows the ifs and buts of her body. It may be true someone hacked her phone and made viral this video. Mostly chances are there.

Another perception is that, and it also has a worth behind. Singer sent this video to her boyfriend, and he betrayed her and made public. There are enough chances for it. These kinds of videos of girls made viral by their boyfriends.

The third perception about rabi pirzada nude video is, Rabi is saying right, someone stolen her mobile video when she went to the market for repairing mobile.

Rabi peerzada is innocent in this case?

Not at all, if this kind of self-made video makes viral, then girls or women are 100 per cent responsible for it. The demand makes these kinds of videos of boyfriends. If girls are not agreed on it, then no need to get ready this kind of stuff, but we see in our society, this kind of videos and pics exists in boy’s mobiles which are sent by girl’s side.

There is a question on a girl’s thinking why they are getting ready to make this kind of video for their boyfriends? If boys say some immoral thing either it is your boyfriend or just a friend, girl or women should give shut up message. Unfortunately, they fulfill the demands of boys, so the result also looks like the same. Boys are bad, but girls are also equal but more than responsible for their disrespect.

Singer Rabi pirzada made her video viral herself

You cannot ignore this perception as well, and maybe the singer did this stunt for getting more popularity. Because there is not a single time when showbiz industry women did this sort of things. This kind of things has been happening in the past. I hope Rabi will continue her efforts to satisfy her fans about this issue.