Motivation | Why 99 Percent of people fail in life | and 1 per cent successful forever

this picture is being related with motivation and tells us about different opposite colours of life and how can we manage our life and maintain our motivation.another scenario of life

motivation is to look like the soul of our success. without it, we have nothing in life. The biggest sorrow of life is we did not want to learn those things which are being tried to teach us and these things are necessary for motivation.

We are not getting ready to understand and learn, but we want to achieve all those things which we wish to, without knowing the fact, life is not relative of you, not mine, it looks like a brutal headmaster of school who believes in hardcore discipline and if any student tries to break the rules, he would be punished, maybe one time but if that student repeats his rule-breaking habit again and again, then very soon, he will stand on the gate of school, its mean out of school.


Life is the same as this headmaster who did not compromise on its rules. So why we want liberty from life which survival cannot give us without following its discipline?

life did not obey you, you need to follow life: the biggest lesson of getting motivation.

Life wants we need to spend our life with rules and regulation, and we should impose these rules on ourselves and will not try to violate them. Life watches us and always watches us and one day; life will reward you of this obedience, and the name of this reward maybe success.

Why we did not understand the real meaning of motivation?

We want to spend our life with our rules and regulations and forget that these rules are unacceptable for our life rules. They are anti our life. For example, we want to spend happy and tension free life, and along with that, we also want to get all the luxuries of life. It is our wish, and most people think like that, but this rule is against the laws of life.

It is anti-life rule. But why, good question, because according to our life rules and regulation, nothing can be possible without efforts and hard work.


Hardships are necessary for getting a higher level of motivation.

when we say hard work, when we use word of energy, then it’s mean a lot. It’s mean we need to pass on hardships which we did not want to bear, which means, we will spend our time on our main aim which we want to achieve, and this is an essential thing.

If you spend your time on your focused goal, then you need to loose your so many activities which you want to enjoy, your movies, your social media activities, your chatting with friends, your useless talks, all of this sort of things, you need to forget and focus on one thing, you want most. And if you think this is much prize, then forget about success. It is not for you.

Why did not feel motivation in life?

Why 99 Percent of people fail in life and 1 per cent successful? The main reason and difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people accept the rules of brutal headmaster because they are ready to learn in the school of life, so every hardcore rule is acceptable for them so one day,

they make successful, but unsuccessful people is get angry on these rules, they abuse headmaster and ignore their rules, so why they cannot do anything in life and always complain motivation do nothing for them.


Without hardship and struggle, your life will be the same as you are spending, if you can understand this one thing, positive change will occur automatically in your life.