8 Benefits of low-carbon economy

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A low-carbon economy is necessary for the world for several reasons. Some of the key reasons include: Climate change benefit: One of the main reasons for transitioning to a low-carbon economy is to combat climate change. Environmental benefits: A low-carbon economy would also have several environmental benefits. For example, reducing reliance on fossil fuels would … Read more

Why chosen Word of the year 2022 goblin mode?

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why chosen word of the year 2022 goblin mode? this question is arising in many minds. Here is the analysis behind this word. The Word of the Year 2022 has been chosen as “Goblin Mode.” The word has been chosen to represent the ever-changing digital world and the need to stay ahead of the curve. … Read more


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I’m going to reveal the 10 secrets of success that you’ll need to know before you even start working. This is a list of top tips and tricks that will help you succeed in life and business. These are all things I wish someone had told me when I was first starting on my own … Read more

Hareem Shah | 3 shocking and burning Scandals of TikTok star

Most of the Pakistani people listened to the name of hareem shah when this girl scandal raised with Mubashir Luqman. Before this scandal, the popularity of this uneducated girl existed in the social networking site Tiktok. Pakistani youngsters knew about her videos on Tiktok. These videos were arousing and provoking videos, but when scandal with … Read more

Nawaz sharif latest news | all claims of Imran khan ready to leave

Nawaz sharif latest news is, former pm Pakistan Nawaz Sharif is ready to fly into the air. “I will not give NRO” Pakistani people had heard this sentence hundreds of times from the mouth of Imran khan, now this sentence has come out as a lie. Read: https://shakeelmalik.com/2019/11/02/rabi-pirzada-nude-video-scandal/ People who used to say that Imran … Read more

The decision of Sahiwal brutal incident: system died, no hopes left

Another big decision came and social media of Pakistan is burning like wood because the court decided to take free all the possible culprits of the Sahiwal incident. These culprits were not a common citizen of Pakistan, but these are special police officials who gunned down the whole family except 3 children. There were 52 … Read more

Narendra Modi launches Shehbaz sharif Formula, Set fire and do not come to proof

Former Punjab chief minister Shehbaz Sharif and right now, he is opposition leader of Pakistan is famous for his many works. Shehbaz Sharif’s most famous fact was that during his time every fire broke out in the building where the waste file was kept by his corpus. but you are moving on the march of … Read more

Pakistani soldiers are happy to die; Tarek Fatah has thrown bills on India

All people living in Pakistan and India by the name of Tarek Fatah are aware  of people who are connected to TV or have news of social media, they are well aware of Tarek Fatah. Tarek Fatah is a celebrated guest, journalist and a person with a secular look. Tarek Fatah was born in Karachi … Read more

Sidhu is in crisis, where is his best friend Imran khan?

All the tractors of India and Pakistan know Sidhu very well.Since, he has gone to Pakistan some months ago, his face has been transformed. Sidhu was also a co host of Sony tv show “comedy night with kapil sharma” but after Palwama incident, Sidhu has been kicked out from the show. Sidhu first introduction is … Read more