Why motivation is necessary for every human being?

motivated girl

[su_heading size=”24″]Life is based on different cycles. We live within these cycles. You can call them phases, different states of emotions. Some are sad, some are joyful and also we go through saddest moments of life. These are all different kinds of cycles.[/su_heading]

When our conscious mind starts working and till our death bed, life goes on and goes through different cycles. The question is what is the relation of motivation with these life cycles? I elaborate on it with concrete facts.

Are smiley peoples need motivation?

The simple reply to this query is, not. In fact, you smile for two reasons. The first number is, this is your habit and second is, you are motivated by nature. So why many people we observe, they always smile whenever we meet them. They also have bad consequences in their life, they also feel dejected like all of us, but their smile still stands with them. This is motivation which is inherited to them, whatever the reason, this is not a question, the question is they have no need for extra help, they will come out very soon in their difficult time. That’s it.

motivated girl

Secondary kinds of people are those who have a habit of being motivated. We listen to them often, whenever they are in trouble, they did not say negative words. They talk like that god will do better. I will sort out either they have no solution to this problem at that time, but they still say they will sort out. This is motivation by habit. They did not smile always, but they did not discourage themselves at any cost. They are positive people.


As I mentioned two kinds of people, they are not enough in the majority but existed in our society. These are lucky people, I must say, but a majority of people are there which cannot face the difficulties of life without motivation. They just need motivation at any cost, otherwise, they can do anything, like suicide, depression mood, loneliness, bad behavior, or different kind of mental issues started in their life. Right, so it’s clear that a majority of people on this earth needed motivation.