Easy life will destroy you, 5 explaining theories

rich man happy with money
rich man easy life with money

People want to spend an easy life; it is not a bad thing if you also think like that. I also want to spend an easy life because no one wants to face hardships in his/her life, so this thinking is natural and according to the nature of humans.

Be harder with yourself and you will get an easy life forever

Every human being wants an easy life. This is a natural wish, but I want to introduce you to another side of the story and the other side is maybe not a motivational thing for you. Read it

Life cannot be easy until we made for ourselves. This is true either you believe or not, the life of a common man or an emperor is based on challenges and hardships. The nature of issues or hardships may differ but ultimately poor and rich have the same fate in this scenario. They face difficulties.

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Rich people are not happy, you are wrong

I know many questions wondering in many people’s minds. They are thinking if this is true then why a number of rich people are enjoying their lives. They are looked happy and do whatever they want. The answer is this is your assumption these rich people are happy with their inner selves. They may be happy with their money, but not with their inner self. There is a difference between them. You see their material face, and you are not able to see their inner side which is full of darks and anxiety.

Money without effort is a curse

Remember, money, you get without effort, cannot give you real happiness. You need to face challenges of life for achieving big things in your life. If you want money, prosperity or want to invent something or whatever you want, you need to struggle, you need to face the failures, these hardships will lead you to success and after success, you will get money and all other related things.

So now, you are destined to live happily, because your happiness follows back struggles, hardships, failures, it will remain forever.

More failures, more chances of bigger success

As many hardships you face in your life, it is not a bad sign as many people feel dejected and think they are now stressed enough. They are lost fully, in fact, they are the time for flourishing because as many hardships you face in life, there are more chances of bigger success than other peoples.

If your difficulties are bigger, then your success will also be bigger. If you understand this philosophy, then you are able to understand the whole philosophy of life.

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you are the luckiest person if you failed more than others

Your failures make you stronger, they lead to success. If you failed 100 times, then it means you have got enough experience, wisdom, and confidence and now you are very near to your bigger success in life.