Sadak 2 is may be proved last movie of sanjay dutt’s life.

Sadak 2 movie will be released on 28 august and Sanjay Dutt is part of this movie, but due to his cancer disease, he was going to America for treatment of his lung cancer. Sanjay will not take part in the promotion of this movie.

Sadak come back after 28 years

If you go in the past, 1992 movie Sarak was super hit. Sanjay Dutt was a leading actor in this movie along with pooja Bhutt. Now after, 28 years, a remake of sadak 2 movies has been produced. Sanjay Dutt and Pooja Bhatt are also part of this remake. Other actors in the movie are Alia Bhatt and Aditiya Roy etc.

Record of dislikes of this movie sadak 2

We are not discussing the Sadak 2 movie, our main focus is Sanjay Dutt, but I must tell you about Sadak 2 movie, it has created a record of dislikes. There are above 8 million dislikes on youtube after releasing the trailer of Sadak 2.

Sushant Singh suicide linked with sadak 2?

There are various reasons why people disliked this film too much. You know about the news of Sushant Singh’s suicide. The actor took suicide, after his suicide, different kind of analysis come around and Mahesh Bhatt’s name was also there. People discussed the monopoly of Bollywood biggies who just give chance to their own pets but ignore other ones. Sushant Singh was also ignored in this way, so he took suicide.

There are many other reasons but Mahesh Bhatt’s name was discussed through this period.

Audience hate Mahesh Bhatt, director of sadak 2

The question is why sadak 2 got too much negative feedback. There is a reason behind it. Mahesh Bhatt is a director of this movie which has got negative remarks from the public after Sushant’s suicide, so people got released their anger after giving negative feedback to her daughter movie sadak 2. So that was the reason.

Sadak 2 is the last movie of Sanjay Dutt?

Sanjay Dutt is going to America for treatment. He is dealing with 4th stage cancer. Sadak 2 movie is maybe the last movie of his career, but people react to this movie trailer is awful.

There are chances this movie will not get enough success because the audience is showing hate for this movie. Hate for Mahesh Bhatt but Sanjay Dutt will also feel the impact because if the movie gets unsuccessful then it will be the part of history that Sanjay Dutt’s first movie Rockey was hit of that era and the last movie Sadak 2 may be unsuccessful.

Why I am asking before the time when Sanjay Dutt is alive. There is an assumption, maybe I am wrong but lung cancer with the 4th stages is very dangerous and I did not listen about any person who faces this kind of last stage cancer and he survived more than some months or he cured successfully, I hope everything will be good.

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