Pakistani models began to prove to be a good well after death

Qandeel Baloch was killed in 15 july 2016 in the name of alleged brother, who had quick discount on famous models and social media in Pakistan. Qandeel killing is going to be completed 3 years, so far, Qandeel was not a single model who faced misfortune,but many famous models of Pakistan have been killed or … Read more

Girls at Pakistani university cannot wear their favorite dresses

A famous university of Lahore has brought a new dress codes for university students. Understand this here that girls are wearing wreaths with their wishes for weeks. From this particular issue, i will write a separate blog which will tell the situation currently moving towards present. A new dress code has been adapted for comparison … Read more

why jeans is popular among women of Lahore?

Pakistan is such a country where seeing the clothes of the front of the person only makes sense of someone’s reality and if it is talked about Pakistani women dress, it is his opinion of every section and in this case, discrimination in seen on this matter. The poor Pakistani women dresses will be cheaper … Read more

Does Imran Khan really deserves Nobel peace prize?

Imran Khan sent back the Indian Pilot, congratulation, and now the social media of Pakistan has come to pay tribute to the Noble Peace Prize Winner. This questions is being run on a social media campaign so that more and more people can participate in a sign up process so that an inquiry can be … Read more

Pakistan politician Ahsan Iqbal and American singer Lady Gaga on same page

There are two conditions on the condition of the monk in Pakistan, the crime of educated milk is very well aware of the condition of its state donations. Pakistan is such a country where it is like killing a merit, like getting up in the morning drinking a cup of tea. The most important character … Read more

Sidhu is in crisis, where is his best friend Imran khan?

All the tractors of India and Pakistan know Sidhu very well.Since, he has gone to Pakistan some months ago, his face has been transformed. Sidhu was also a co host of Sony tv show “comedy night with kapil sharma” but after Palwama incident, Sidhu has been kicked out from the show. Sidhu first introduction is … Read more