9 Foods that are not helping your skin

Did you know that some foods may be harming your skin?

Your skin is one of the most important organs of your body. As such, you should be taking care of it by eating healthy food and using a moisturizer regularly.

This article will teach you about the 9 worst offenders when it comes to damaging your skin. We’ll also give you tips for how to avoid these harmful foods so that you can have beautiful, healthy-looking skin!

Processed Sugar

This type of sugar comes in many forms; this includes brown sugar, white sugar, confectioners’ sugar, cane syrup, corn syrup, honey, molasses, and sorghum syrup. Sugars like these dry out your skin (especially when ingested) and can lead to breakouts. Eating too much processed sugars can also lead to obesity which can lead to many other diseases.

 Dairy Products

There are many harmful ingredients in dairy products that can harm your skin, one of these is lactose, which damages collagen production and also makes the body produce more oil to combat the dryness caused by the lactose, therefore causing breakouts.

9 Foods that are not helping your skin

 Fried Foods

When you eat fried foods (especially fried meats), this can clog your pores due to all the grease and thereby increasing your chances for acne.

 White Rice

If you’re eating white rice, chances are you not eating brown rice which is the healthier option. Not to mention that white rice can lead to diabetes which can eventually cause acne by drying out the sebaceous glands in your body.

 Processed Meats

Just like processed sugars, processed meats are also extremely high in sodium and saturated fats which will clog your pores causing breakouts.

 Sugar Substitutes Foods

While no studies have yet proved this claim, many sources believe that sugar substitutes (like aspartame) contain harmful chemicals that damage skin cells when ingested, this will give rise to excessive oil production for the skin to compensate for these damaged cells. This leads to oily skin which leads to breakouts.


Once again, when you drink alcohol, you’re dehydrating your body and depriving it of essential nutrients like Vitamin C which is important for collagen production in the body; this will eventually cause fine lines in the face and can also lead to sagging in the skin.

Drinking tap water

Drinking tap water can be harmful too because it contains chlorine, fluoride, and leads which are all toxic for our bodies so they should not be ingested in large quantities. Plus, drinking plenty of water does a lot more good than we might think: staying hydrated helps protect against wrinkles and age spots as well as wrinkles and sagging on the neck and chest.

 Processed foods

If you eat processed foods, you’re depriving your body of essential nutrients and this will show on your skin. A person who habitually eats processed food is also more likely to develop bad eating habits such as overconsumption which can lead to obesity and a myriad of other health problems that will cause breakouts on the face and the entire body.

And now I will tell you How to avoid these foods that are harmful to your skin

So, how do you avoid these detrimental foods? Well, one thing that you can do is cut back on your eating of the 9 foods I’ve listed above. As well, you should eat more fruits and vegetables to replace the sodium content. Nuts are also very helpful for moisturizing skin as they contain Omega-3 fatty acids which will hydrate your skin and help with breakouts. Consider drinking plenty of water too!

A recent study has shown that these harmful chemicals might be the cause of a lot more than just breakouts: they can lead to cancer as well as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

The best way to avoid these chemicals from entering your body is by avoiding processed food in general, if possible.


We hope you enjoyed this list! Remember: great skin is all about eating well and wearing sunscreen every day. Good luck

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