burning desire is not in life | life is unsuccessful forever

if u want to eat, so you eat. you want to go outside home, you go. you want to sleep, so you sleep. you want to work, so you work. you don’t want to do anything, so you don’t do anything. These are minor kinds of desires which we use automatically for the whole day. In fact, your burning desire works unconsciously round the clock. Every huge and small decision in our life is based on conscious or unconscious desire. It is necessary to understand the difference between them

burning desire did not see the distance of our destination. it sees our inner fire.
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understand the power of burning desire

When you plan something and ready to take action, it is a conscious desire or burning desire. your conscious mind knows that what you want to do in future. Your examinations are near, you decided to study more than normal study routine. You are intentionally decisive about something, it is conscious desire.

Unconscious desire

unconscious desire lives in our inner self. it looks like a soul. it is not our sudden choice but it has deep roots in our inner self. it is not our daily decisive things. it is something extra. we did not know about it. Like, we want to sleep so we try to sleep, we want to eat, we eat, and we want to take a bath, so we bath. Mostly, these things work in a routine.

For example, most people who awake early morning, they follow this routine from many time, they automatically awake early morning, they have no need to take daily effort for awakening early morning, every day, because their unconscious mind is helping them to repeat the routine, automatically, without any effort.

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The conscious and unconscious mind, what is their relation with the burning desire

desires lives in our mind. the conscious and unconscious mind is their home. There is no big difference between the two, but of course, they are different from one to another.

you can understand desires in this simple way. our daily desires are not unconscious desires. If you are habitual of some bad or good thing, it is not for some days ago story. it is not a story of some weeks ago. the story, it may be the years-long story. which has made you habitual of something. It makes part of your heart and soul, so you have no need to motivate yourself every day. to push yourself every day to do something. This desire is related to the unconscious mind, it automatically motivates you. Because it lives in your unconscious mind so its roots are so deep.

How to raise burning desire in our self

For small tasks or things, you can do with conscious desires.

these things work for a limited time. some things are very important in your life like career planning. it has expanded in 10 years as well. your educational planning for the next 10 years. it needed unconscious desire, so if you want to raise your desire, you should start with conscious desire. you need to motivate yourself in the initial stage. you need more effort to motivate may be. After some months, you will feel that your conscious desire has converted into unconscious desire.

The question is that how we can find out our conscious desire has arisen. The answer is very simple. When you work for your passion then you have no need to external things. When you feel happy to work hard, then you can believe that your unconscious desire is working in the right way.

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Without burning desire no life

there is nothing in life without desire. if you have no desire, you have no life. your minds cheat you. it says you have done anything in life. you have no need to do anything in life. your time is over. It is a pity thing which mostly retired people do. Keep in mind; either, you are a young man, middle-aged or retired person, never ever try to stop the way of your desire. Your desire should be there. So you will be really alive till the last breathe of your life.


If your target in life is bigger than you need to start for conscious desire. You automatically, after some times, it converts into unconscious desire.  You just need to work on your goal consistently. It’s mean you should always a big goal in your mind. Without a goal, no desire exists. That is the point.