The decision of Sahiwal brutal incident: system died, no hopes left

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Another big decision came and social media of Pakistan is burning like wood because the court decided to take free all the possible culprits of the Sahiwal incident. These culprits were not a common citizen of Pakistan, but these are special police officials who gunned down the whole family except 3 children. There were 52 witnesses available for this case, but no one recognized the police shooters. Of course, it was not possible, how someone can recognize shooters during the incident. Can Pakistan judges expect to people for judging shooters during the firing moment, is it possible? because at that moment, everyone try to save his life, that is not the right time to recognizing people’s faces, that is the time to saving a life. But that incident haps and family killed and of course, there were no sky lords came here to killing innocent family, there were police shooters which brutally shown their killing nature but justice again started his pee and people again disappointed.

Sahiwal incident: not the first time happened

what you think was the first time when people of Pakistan felt disappointed. Not, there are so many examples of innocent killing in Pakistan, but every time, the judicial system of Pakistan supports criminals. There is no law in the country.

You can see an example of the Salah-u-Din murder case. Any decision against the police happened. Surely, not and ever would not be happened. Police killed this abnormal person through their brutal torture and no justice. People forget this case.

Sahiwal incident:: model town is another proof of the fail judicial system

If you go beyond then the model town was a most brutal incident when police gunned down dozens of peoples and inquiry commission nominated former chief minister Shehbaz Sharif, former law minister Rana Sana Ullah and other top bureaucrats of Punjab but not a single person had been punished. The case is nearly closed and a number of killing everyday haps through police official and not a single justice.

Sahiwal incident: pm khan is silent on Sahiwal judgment. why?

Pm Pakistan Imran khan talk about Riasat-e-Madina, but what kind of state of Madina is here when no one is safe. Where parents killed in front of children’s eyes and courts of this country took free all the culprits. There is no hope to get better results in the future as well because the whole of the judicial system of Pakistan has been collapsed and it exists for saving big goons. Now Pakistani peoples are waiting for other big sad events so they will yell again and after some days, they forget and so on.

Top officials of Pakistani judicial systems have no interest to provide justice to common Pakistanis. They have their own world. They are just collecting money for themselves and for their families. Common Pakistan has no facility if we can compare with the west, then without a single thought, we can say that even animals of the west are living 200 percent better life than common Pakistanis. These animals eat pure food and enjoy all the possible rights but Pakistani common man is born for terrible death. They have only one aim to live and that is terrible death through this Pakistani system.