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tomorrow is a big lie
you are in the air and dont know what will hap to you that you will reach safely on the earth or not but you must try. that is called life
Don’t believe in tomorrow. this article is for those who live in tomorrow and ignore the present.

People see dreams about the future. It’s good, no one here who can stop you, but there is a minor difference between dream and reality, you can personally experience that, during your dream journey, everything is in your favour, either you are seeing a beautiful lady in your dream, you are wondering most beautiful places of the world, you are in the high position, everything is in your favor.


Right now, I am talking about positive dreams, not negative, because this is another scenario, so I come again on topic, you can observe, your dreams show you as you want to see yourself. That’s good, but your dream did not tell you about possible obstacles during reaching to your destination. You must face, obstacles, unexpected conditions, people’s bad behaviors, of course, this is part of the game. So keep in mind, a dream is necessary because it gives you motivation, but during making optimistic, you should have the courage to face those obstacles which are waiting for you.

don’t believe in tomorrow: life is not fair

First thing, life is not fair. So this is a clear thing. You cannot get anything easily, as your aim would be bigger, your obstacles will also be bigger like your aim. So this is not a surprising thing. This reality exists as long as human being exists on this earth. So don’t expect that life will treat you like a king. Everything is equal, but the situations are different.


Everything wants bigger things, but very few reached near to such things because they feel fear, they thought they will get easily what they want, they forget the biggest lesson of life, life is not fair, so nothing is easy in this world.

Where is Door of success?

If you believe in your dream, you have no need to wait for tomorrow. You should start a journey towards your dream right now. If you are waiting for tomorrow because you are thinking, tomorrow, things will be in your favor, you are thinking wrong. Believe me, there is no tomorrow in the dictionary of life.

The present is everything, so start right now. If you believe, if you have a plan, I think plan is the secondary thing, the first thing is the belief, belief means you are focused on what you want and be daring to achieve if your belief is strong, then planning will also arise in your mind. Your mind will discover new methods as you did not think before because mind is watching you.

The mind is a witness of your determination. As I said in my previous article, mind is your slave. So it acts as you think forcefully. So think belief and act right now. People, who wait for suitable circumstances, they never reach any destination in their life, because their theory is proved bogus, not working in practical life.

don’t believe in tomorrow, it will cheat you

People, who reach on high polls, they definitely believe in action. people think and start their action, they are not rude. They are experimental peoples; they learn to their mistakes, they change their planning according to the need. Their destination is clear, they take a different action if one formula did not work, and they work on another formula. So, who can stop them?


Must see dreams, then take action, planning, and don’t wait for tomorrow because no tomorrow exists here. Only present is available. You did not know about tomorrow so start your journey right now, forget about, what is your current situation, just start and Don’t believe in tomorrow.  Never lose the ripe of belief. No one can stop you.

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