Narendra Modi launches Shehbaz sharif Formula, Set fire and do not come to proof

narindar and shehbaz

Former Punjab chief minister Shehbaz Sharif and right now, he is opposition leader of Pakistan is famous for his many works. Shehbaz Sharif’s most famous fact was that during his time every fire broke out in the building where the waste file was kept by his corpus. but you are moving on the march of Shehbaz Sharif of india’s prime minister Naraendra Modi. As every one knows, a scandal associated with Rafael’s love in India has long been mind blowing. and the supreme court of India is hearing this case nowadays. Indian prime minister Modi is the door to most of Rafael scandal. it is said that there is a fraud of billions of rupees in Rafael scandal. Some statements were filed before the supreme court of India for a few days ago. In this statement it was said that the documents which were written today on the references to Rafael scandal were stolen from the Defence ministry. The thing is not over here, but one more sentence has been made or done from someone else. Indian air force office fire in new Delhi. Due to the fires of fire many important documents related with Rafael scandal, were also burnt down. . That is, to avoid this scandal Narendra Modi burnt all the papers that were supposed to chart curtain in his curtain.

It is now proved that you have burnt the formula of Shehbaz sharif and do not come to the proof. Now the neighboring county is being used in India too. War lover Narendra Modi is walking on the map steps of his friends, Sharif family. but if he saw the situation of Shehbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif these days, he would have realized that by burning the evidences the truth never dies. but these things need to be thought of, and Modi , who started his career with tea man, stopped at night, i also see the room from tomorrow.