Hareem Shah | 3 shocking and burning Scandals of TikTok star

hareem shah
hareem shah

Most of the Pakistani people listened to the name of hareem shah when this girl scandal raised with Mubashir Luqman. Before this scandal, the popularity of this uneducated girl existed in the social networking site Tiktok. Pakistani youngsters knew about her videos on Tiktok.

These videos were arousing and provoking videos, but when scandal with Mubashir Luqman raised, then the popularity of this non-serious girl top on the sky. Especially, in Pakistani social media.


Hareem shah videos: from Mubashir Luqman to foreign office of Pakistan

 mubashir luqman
mubashir Luqman
Mubashir Luqman is a famous Pakistan journalist

when her videos went viral with Mubashir Luqman’s plane then people were more anxious to know about her. Because she made TikTok videos on Mubashir Luqman’s personal plane. After that, the story changes. Mubashir, who is a famous journalist of Pakistan, blamed Hareem and her co-partner Sandal Khatak for robbery in his aeroplane. She and sandal Khatak were not apologetic on this matter. they both start blaming Mubashir for his unethical behaviour with them.

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She alleged Mubashir, a flirty man who interested in every girl which he sees. This scandal sustained in Pakistan social media and Pakistani news channels got the hype. A number of interviews of these girls about the Mubashir Luqman issue. So, the popularity of her increased more and more.

Hareem shah videos: top PTI officials are very close with her

In Punjab, Fiaz-ul- Hassan Chohan who is a provincial minister of Punjab government, hareem shah video is also available with him.

hareem shah with fiaz-ul-hassan
hareem shah with Fiaz-ul-Hassan
Her pics with PTI top gun Mr. Jahangir Tareen are also available on her Instagram account. besides this, these pictures are available on google. Most surprisingly, Her pics with PM Pakistan Imran khan are also available. She uses her pic with Imran khan as the profile photo of her Instagram account.


tiktok girl with imran khan
tiktok girl with imran khan
hareem shah with imran khan

All these things show that PTI top leaders are a deep connection with this hareem shah.

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Is a Pakistani foreign office safe from bugging?

Many people believe that Hareem shah is a high society prostitute. she makes relationships with them after costly payment so why she existed in every top place but right now, She has reached on prime minister chair and sits down when no one was there.

She made videos with Indian songs and wondered here are there.

Of course, some employee of the foreign office is involved to get access for her.

The last reports are that inquiry has been made but we all know no result of any inquiry is possible in Pakistan. Just a trick of time passed and diverting people’s intention in another side.

Pindi playboy is really in trouble because of hareem shah

New stories are being born one another. It seems that she has decided that she will discredit all the charities of Pakistan. Fiaz-ul-Hasan Chauhan, Mubashir Luqman to the foreign office, will expose each of them from one to another.

hareem shah with sheikh rasheed
hareem shah with sheikh rasheed

Her new scandal arrived with the federal minister of railway Sheikh Rasheed. She leaked the video of the railway minister of Pakistan. If there is no censorable seen in the video, but the way She was talking to him, was very surprising. It shows that there is definitely some black in the pulses.

Hareem shah talks to Sheikh Rasheed on a video call, saying that he has not opened any secret of him yet. She also tells Sheikh Rasheed that he sends her his naked pictures.

After hearing this, he called off, it is clear from these things that she and Sheikh Rasheed both have been doing some things in the past as well.

The most important question is why a federal minister is talking to such a girl on a video call?

Is Sheikh Rashid an innocent child? does Sheik Rashid not know what a disgraced girl is? Does Sheik Rasheed does not know anything about her in the foreign office?

How federal minister can make such a mistake? He has great experience in Pakistani politics. He is the most senior politician in Pakistan. It is not necessary that she is telling a truth about Sheikh Rasheed,  but who will answer these questions?

Why a federal minister was talking with Her on video chat? Was a fugitive minister doing a civilian masculine discussion on a video chat with that woman? These are the questions to which the minister will not even have the answers.

Some months ago, Sheikh Rasheed’s picture with Hareem shah and her co-partner sandal Khatak has come to arrive on social media. It’s mean that this relation is not a new thing.

In fact, the story of Hareem Shah and Sheikh Rasheed started from a selfie-and this video was the climax of this story.

After the video is leaked, the entire social media has created a ruckus once again.

[su_row]Sheikh Rasheed is not an unknown person. After this kind of video, everyone is surprised after coming to Sheikh Rasheed. Now people have started to question that to what extent are the sources of this tiktok girl? This can be guessed from this video.[/su_row]

Not knowing how many more Pakistani heroic videos will be with her. The proof of how many scandals have come to light has not deterred yet. It only means that the top personalities of Pakistan lick the feet of this girl.

How much money Hareem shah receive after spending one hour with a client

[su_column size=”2/3″]Another shocking post has gone viral on social media. In this post, the rates are hareem shah is written. This post is from some lady. In this post, this lady is telling someone through a post that tiktok girl is available in Dubai now. If he wants to spend one hour with her then he will have to spend 5000 Dirham. If he spends the whole night with her, then he has to spend 10000 Dirham.[/su_column]

This is a different story either this post is fake or real. This post can be correctly guessed that the kind of acts she is doing. She surely tries to maintain her expensive lifestyle in this way. The thing to think about is which business of her that she travels to different countries. She posts her pictures in different big luxury houses, in costly vehicles. How she maintains her expenses?

She is found with highly powerful people in Pakistan. These people are not so decent that hareem shah is free or that they will come to the city, seeing the circumstances of every human being, it is not difficult to find that these people have relations with her and in the return, they bear her expenses.

It is not difficult to find out that the elite people of Pakistan has been badly trapped in the clutches of a notorious girl. she is defaming them everywhere. They are not losing her self esteem not in Pakistan but outside Pakistan.

Famous social media person Waqar Zaka and Hareem shah

waqar zaka
hareem shah and waqar zaka

[su_column size=”1/4″]What is the story of Waqar Zaka and hareem? First of all, I want to tell you about Waqar Zaka. He is very popular among the young generation of Pakistan. He has an Illuminati title as well, but there is no doubt, a number of young people follow him.[/su_column]

These days, Waqar Zaka is hosting a show on bol tv. The name of the show is “champions with Waqar Zaka”. This show is very popular due to many reasons. The show has been designed on the lines of a “big boss” The biggest lesson of life is you are not here for just enjoying. you are here for the fight for your right. How you can well?

Boys are girls are being given auditions. In this show, bold and uncouth girls participate in the show. She went to participate in this show and also cleared the first round of the show. She is the main member who must go to the next level of the show. This is an assessment because she has all the abilities to move on.

In this show, girls who did not care about ethics and bold enough can progress and sustain in this show, and she is surely top of them due to her previous character.

In this context, she is heavy on all the girls but now a new color has come in the story.

Ever since the video scandal of hareem shah come to an end with Sheikh Rasheed, anchor Waqar Zaka has decided to wash his hands on the flowing water. Waqar made a video and asked her to delete the Sheikh Rasheed video.

Waqar also asked don’t try to defame Sheikh Rasheed. Waqar warned her If she did not remove the video of Sheikh Rasheed, he will remove her name on the list of contestant lists of the show.

Waqar called hareem shah and her co-partner sandal Khatak live. He talked with them and asked them to present their point of view about the Sheikh Rasheed video. But the way hareem and her co Partner sandal Khatak talked to Waqar in a joking manner, it shows that these girls are not taking his words seriously.


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Another theory is also very powerful. Bol tv policy is very close to the ruling party. They follow the government line and Sheikh Rasheed is a sitting minister. Hareem Shah who tried to defame Sheikh Rasheed is participating in the show which will be going on air on bol tv. So this can be a Serious matter for bol management.

They know very well Sheikh Rasheed is a very powerful minister so they don’t want to make him angry. They cannot afford such a girl who tried to defame the sitting minister. So maybe, they asked Waqar Zaka to manage this situation.

The story maybe someone but not can be hidden. Everything will be open within days.

Sheikh Rasheed is a big player in the field of politics. Whose earnest opposition knows that now, he has become a toy in the hands of a notorious tiktok girl.

Hareem scandal with famous Pakistani cricketer

[su_column]Not much time passed, a video of tiktok girl viral. She came up with a video on the limelight and claimed the guy in the video, is a famous Pakistani cricketer. The player’s face was not recognized in the video, but this player’s name was taken on social media.[/su_column]

I personally did not think better to mention his name because it maybe not good for his future because, in social media, there are assumptions more than reality.

The player is doing video chat with her and during a video chat, he was doing masturbation.

This is not difficult to guess that no one is saved from this girl

Pakistani top class politicians, journalists, and players are all helpless before her.

She is exposing them one by one.

She is such a conspiracy that makes them cry.

Rather it would be more appropriate to say that every human exposes people’s real faces.


More vulnerable than her, are those people who hold this disgraceful woman’s hand and they are sitting in the top places of Pakistan.

When these people did not care about their dignity, hareem shah is not a wife of them, why would she miss any time? If seen from the point of view, She is doing absolutely right, till the Pakistani people have a say, then they have nothing to do.

If this kind of scandal comes out every week, then Pakistani people are happy to see that video because the young bread of Pakistan has no work except to watch porn videos and search fudge on the internet.

Hareem Shah Harassment scandal in Dubai

hareem shah harassment scandal in dubai
hareem shah harassment scandal in dubai

2 weeks ago, She attended an event ceremony in Dubai. During that event, hundreds of people gathered there to see her. In fact, through her bold videos, she is enough notorious among the young generation of Pakistan. If you want to see proof of this thing, then you can read comments below her Instagram posts.

This is a true young generation of Pakistan hate, but their hate is not a real story. The story is when you cannot catch someone; you start to hate this thing. The same story is with her.

They hate because they know they cannot spend time with Her. She is so costly and lives with big guns so why they hate her? Otherwise, the young generation is really fond of this kind of girl so why she is so popular and her followers are increasing day by day.

I was talking about her Dubai tour when she reached there, hundreds of people gathered there. Mostly, they were youngsters in Pakistan. When they saw closely her, they made out of control. They tried to grope her. Most of them got succeeded. They tried to molest Her as much they can.

She also accepted that hundreds of people molested her. So through this behavior, you can understand. They are not her fans, they are so-called desperate haters of Her. Who tried to get their piece of cake. If you cannot get the complete cake then you must try for a single piece of cake. So they did it according to this rule.

As the nature of her, Hareem shah abused, but she enjoyed it as well because she is this kind of girl. She wants to get fame either someone molested her or do whatever.

She has no fear after doing anything. the confidence of this girl is a message for poor Pakistani society. and the message is

if you have resources then you can do anything in the country. there is no law against you but work for you. if you belong to a poor family, then the law will crush you and you will not do anything.

After Sheikh Rasheed, new audio call leaked between hareem  and Fiaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan

Tiktok girl is not sitting behind. After sheikh Rasheed leak video call, there is another revelation about Fiaz-ul-Hassan. This is about the information minister of Punjab, and of course, he is a well-known figure in Punjab. A new audio call leaked. In this audio call, Fiaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan instructed her about media.

He was saying to her, don’t talk with media persons. They are working on agendas. During this conversation, he used abusing words for one tv journalist, and along with that, he provoked her to talk against Mubashir Luqman as well.

Keep in mind, this audio of conversation is not new. This video is related to Mubashir Luqman scandal some months ago, so this is not new, but of course, this audio comes to the public first time. Now, people can estimate the relationship of Hareem shah with other PTI politicians.

Now PTI politicians cannot say that they did not know her. In fact, they very well know about her. But they did not realize that she is trying to damaging the reputation of PTI politicians in the eyes of ordinary people.

Hareem scandal: more controversies arise

Right now, The news is she applied for a Canada visa due to threads in Pakistan. Chances are there. She must get permission due to her popularity. She has become a prominent figure in Pakistani media. Because of Pakistani media highlight hareem and her co-partner Sandal Khatak every time.

Some days ago, Mubashir Luqman arranged a program on his youtube channel with Rai Saqib (tv anchor). They both discovered that she has more material against PTI ministers. They guessed the next target of her is Fawad Chaudhry, a federal minister. Both anchors also talk about another female federal minister Zartaj Gul Wazeer. She also has a video of a female federal minister.

Now the story comes to the fight with Fawad Chaudhry and Mubashir Luqman. During a marriage ceremony in Lahore, Fawad Chaudhry and mubashir Luqman fight each other. Fawad blamed mubashir that spoiled his integrity after placing and false allegation. Fawad slapped mubashir Luqman. Now Pakistani media is following this story.

She is out of the country, but controversies on the name of hareem shah are still wondering. People are quarreling with each other.

On his youtube video of mubashir and Rai Saqib, they both guessed that several government officials and ministers are there who made extramarital relationships with her, and she made their nonmoral videos.

hareem shah father
hareem shah father

The story does not end here. She is enjoying in Dubai, but in Pakistan, ministers and journalists are quarreling on the name of hareem.

Tiktok girl’s father comes to limelight

TikTok girl is doing what she wants for herself. She is enjoying Dubai, but in Pakistan, everyone is discussing her in any way.

Hareem shah’s father’s entry was harrowing for a large number of Pakistani audiences. He was controlling his tears, and his voice was full of sorrows. He described his daughter from his childhood like her Islamic education, but now, he was disappointed about Her latest controversies.

As a father, he was expecting everything will be reasonable, and she will leave all the debates behind and come to a healthy life.

As a father, he was telling right, but he was unaware of her daughter’s shocks that created a storm in the ruling party of Pakistan. He was also unaware of what kind of troubles raised for PTI ministers.

The situation has been worse enough. There are very fewer chances Hareem and sandal Khatak will come back to Pakistan. Both girls ran away to Pakistan due to specific fears. They knew what they are doing, and also She knew what kinds of consequences she can face in her stay in Pakistan.

The name of Hareem Shah discussed in Pakistan parliament

fawad chaudhry
fawad chaudhry in parliament

Another interesting fact was who come to light some days ago. Minister Fawad Chaudhry discussed her in Pakistan’s parliament. He tried to hit Mubashir Luqman, but the root of quarrel was tiktok girl. All of these people were talking about her.

You can easily understand that, a tiktok girl, is now become the most dangerous lady of Pakistan. There is no severe action taken by the prime minister of Pakistan.

May be, Prime Minister Imran Khan did not understand the value of hareem issue. Maybe he is ignoring to talk about or take any action for his ministers.

There are several reasons behind it. PTI government exists on the difference of some seats, so every member of PTI is essential enough for prime minister.

He cannot take any severe action against his cabinet members. Otherwise, they become a rebel, and the government can face big troubles. So, why straight forward khan is silent on hareem shah issue?